Foods that help to reverse Eczema

There is no complete cure for Eczema but this condition can be controlled with a healthy diet.

Steroid creams and medication would cause long-term side effects. So better to avoid them completely.

What is Eczema?

Atopic Dermatitis commonly known as eczema is a term for a group of skin conditions that cause inflammation of the skin leading to outbreaks, swelling, itching and oozing.


Studies have proved low thyroid function, poor digestion, over-active immune system and exposure to toxins are the major causes for eczema. 


The common symptoms of eczema are extreme itching, oozing, rashes and dry flaky skin. 

Foods that reverse Eczema

1.  Carrot and Spinach combination

You can have this combination as juice, salad or soup.  It is proved to be an effective remedy to detoxify the body, build immunity and help in softening the skin. 

Spinach is powerful in preventing and fighting cancer as well. It is best to have them in moderate quantity to avoid side effects.

2.  Celery

Celery contains antioxidants that can detoxify the body, boost immunity and help to cleanse the system.  It has a diuretic effect and is good to relieve constipation. 

3.  Oats or Oatmeal

Take a bath by mixing nicely ground oatmeal in a tub of water for 15-20 minutes.  It is one of the simplest solution to moisturize and clear dead skin. Try to include oatmeal in your regular diet.

4.  Papaya

Papayas contain an enzyme called Papain that has anti-inflammatory properties.  Thus it is good in treating any skin conditions including eczema.

It also help in the smooth digestion process, clears toxins from the colon and eliminates constipation.

5.  Cilantro or Coriander Leaves

Cilantro also known as coriander contain anti-oxidants and help to eliminate heavy metals from the body.  They have anti-inflammatory properties and are effective in treating fungal infections.

Cilantro aids in the digestive process, help in detoxifying the body and increases your immunity system naturally.

6.  Honey

Due to its powerful antiseptic properties, honey help in quickly healing of wounds.  It is mild with the digestive system and is a good energy booster.

7.  Water Melon, Blueberries and Grapes

All these fruits are power packed with antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. They are good blood purifiers and are moistening fruits that help to keep your body cool.

8.  Apples and Banana

Apples aid to clear toxins from the body, reduce cholesterol levels and relieve constipation.

Bananas help in regulating blood pressure and relieving stress. They are energy boosters, keep your kidneys healthy and normalize bowel movements.

9.  Cauliflower, Cabbage and Broccoli

All the veggies are from the same family and are known as cruciferous vegetables with plenty of antioxidants.  They help in the detoxifying process of the liver and intestinal tract.

10. Beetroot, Cucumber and Shallots

Beetroot help to improve the digestive system, strengthen the immune system and is good in detoxifying the liver.

Cucumber is very effective in treating all kinds of skin problems and help to keep your body cool.

Shallots are good antioxidants and are rich in Vitamin A and C.  Studies have proved that they have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

11. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids

Intake of foods rich in these fatty acids help to soothen eczema condition. 

Good food sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are dark rich green leafy vegetables and cold water fishes like salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna.

Good food sources of Omega-6 fatty acids are Edible oils like (Olive, Sunflower and Sesame), Nuts (like Almonds, Hazelnuts and walnuts), Seeds like (Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds and Pumpkin Seeds).

NOTE:  Eczema food allergy reactions differ from person to person. Keep watch over a week to identify which food causes allergy and accordingly avoid those food.

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