Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure: Vegetables and Fruits

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the health conditions that has to be taken proper care. Does hypertension has to do anything with our lifestyle changes? Yes…a small change in our foods can help reduce blood pressure. Foods that reduce high blood pressure include banana, tomato, grapefruit, artichokes, potatoes, etc. Find out more food that help lower hypertension here…

There are lots of reasons for an increase in blood pressure levels. I recently read news that stated a decrease in blood pressure levels all over the world, but an increase in blood pressure levels of persons in India. In olden days, it is the older people who were diagnosed with high blood pressure, but now-a-days, even youth are diagnosed with high blood pressure. One of the major reasons for increase in blood pressure levels is lifestyle. It is possible to reduce blood pressure if we can make slight changes to our lifestyle. One important lifestyle change would be including lots of vegetables and fruits into the diet. Let us take a look at foods that reduce blood pressure. 

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A research in 1999 found that bananas are rich in potassium and low in sodium and that this could help in reducing blood pressure levels; foods rich in sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure. As bananas are rich in potassium they help in proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. An average adult requires 4g of potassium a day, which can be got by eating just one banana. 

Red Grapes:

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Research shows that red grapes are good foods that reduce blood pressure as they contain antioxidants and fiber. An average adult would require 30gms of dietary fiber a day and grapes are capable of increasing the average intake. 


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Foods rich in Vitamin C are great food items to reduce or lower blood pressure. A recent study has shown that consuming two glasses of orange juices lowers blood pressure levels. 


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Grapefruits are rich in potassium just like bananas that is good to lower blood pressure levels. Grapefruits apart from potassium also contain pectin, which too helps in reducing high blood pressure levels. 


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Melons too are rich in potassium and is a good food to reduce high blood pressure. These melons include watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.  One can get 1,000 mg of potassium from two cups of cubed melon. 


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Recent studies show that garlic contains a chemical called Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) that helps in reducing or lowering high blood pressure. Garlic also helps in slowing down the pulse rate and reduces spasms of the small arteries. 


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Potatoes have proteins in them and these help in reducing high blood pressure. Potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium. Potatoes when boiled with their skin have the ability of absorbing very little salt and this is very good news for people with high blood pressure. 


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Peas are rich in proteins, fiber, and have no cholesterol. Canadian researchers have found that proteins in garden peas help in reducing blood pressure. 


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Tomatoes contain lycopene and these are very good in lowering high blood pressure levels. An Israeli study proved that people who consumed tomatoes showed a significant drop in their blood pressure levels.


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This is yet another vegetable or food that lowers blood pressure levels. Artichokes lower lipids in the blood and increases bile; this helps in reducing high blood pressure. 

Include these fruits and vegetables in your diet and lower your blood pressure levels. All the best for a healthy you! 

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