Foods That Trigger Vertigo

Different kinds of foods that triggers vertigo.

 Vertigo is something that is often times set on by food allergies, and headaches, and doctors will often consider Vertigo as a symptom or side affect of something else set on by food, or environment, or even medication. This is something that can become very disabling, and affect your life, if you allow it to.

Listed below are some common foods that can trigger vertigo, whether that be the trigger or just a symptom of some other allergic reaction or illness, but starting with the food that you consume is a great place to start, and is something that you can control and monitor on your own before ever having to make that appointment with the doctor. So what happens when you see some of your favorite food treats on this list? Well, my friend that is going to be up to you. Can you deal with vertigo or, perhaps do you  need to change your diet? Most of the foods listed below are not what some would call ‘healthy habit’ foods. So perhaps this is a gateway symptom to a less-than-healthy diet?

We are all grownups and can choose what we eat, but when it affects our health, and balance, its time for a change, try eliminating some of these from your diet, one at time and see the difference.

1.      Fried Foods – Fried food should be avoided from a healthy diet to begin with, but you especially want to avoid friend foods of you suffer from vertigo.   Fried food are high in saturated fats and can aggravate many health issues, not just vertigo.

2.      Ice Cream – one of the simple things inn life is also one of the worst for vertigo.  Not only is ice cram loaded down with Saturated fat, this is a food that should definitely be crossed off your list.

3.      Beer, Wine, Hard Liquor and Liqueurs: – Even though these are not foods, many people enjoy them with their meals or even alone.  Beware that if you enjoy these drinks you may be setting yourself up for a bad fall.

4.      Fast foods:  Fast foods are rich in trans fats and high in sodium, MSG and just, starches, carbohydrates and one should always try to avoid them.  So even if you are in a hurry, better to pass up that hamburger and fried to opt for a safer and healthier meal.  Not too mention it would be very dangerous to eat a food that triggers vertigo while driving.

5.      Doughnuts:  Doughnuts are very high in sugar, which also can trigger a nasty case of vertigo.  They are also very high in starches and carbohydrates.

6.      Honey, Molasses:  These natural sweeteners have a lot of sugar in them and sugar is very bad if you are suffering from vertigo.  Better by pass these two completely to make sure you don’t loose your balance.

7.      Frozen Yogurt: – much like ice cream, this treat is no definite no-no when it comes to vertigo.  Known as one of the worst foods for vertigo sufferers, it tastes good but can have very bad side effects.

8.      Sweetened Cereals:  Many processed sweetened cereals have many of the common ingredient that trigger not only vertigo but headaches as well.  Stay away from the cereal isle if you want to remain on both feet.

9.      Pizza : Your favorite college food is one to stay away from due to large quantities of starch.  It also has cheese, a common dairy product that can also be a trigger.

10.  Fried Goat Head – This Iranian delicacy is chocked full of Saturated fats, tans fats and unhealthy starches that all can trigger a case of vertigo.  As the world gets smaller and smaller, more people will be exposed to exotic dishes such as this.  If you suffer from vertigo, make sure you eat with caution.

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