Foods to Eat to Avoid Eczema

What to eat to avoid this skin condition.

     Eczema is a type of skin condition where in the epidermis ( the outer layer of our skin) is inflammed.  It is some sort of allergy that sometimes can be acquired through eating something that you are allergic on. I myself have eczema’s if I eat too much chicken, shrimps or crabs.

    It is just right to know and monitor what you eat especially if you have these kinds of conditions. Here are just some foods or you could include them in your diet, to avoid having eczema’s or foods that you should be aware of that you might have eczema’s.

1. MEAT -  fish meat is fine and also red meat ( beef and pork)

2. Fresh Fruits – include this on in your diet. Example just eat an orange a day or a banana a day. It really helps cleanse our body especially our skin.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables – Vegetables are the best! Though some people don’t really like eating vegetables, they will eventually do because nothing replaces a good diet with vegetables.

     A good diet and monitoring what we eat is a good way on having a healthy life. It’s not bad to eat but it is harmful to eat something too much. Keeping an eye on everything we eat is our way to have a healthy and beautiful life and skin.

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  1. Nice write, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Chi,
    Good write on eczema. I just X meat.

    Welcome here, just added you to my list.

  3. @emma and ron
    no problem :D I have that allergy though, that’s why I’m a little bit keen on what I eat. Just a heads up for those who have this allergy as well :)

  4. Oh, that’s good. I will show this article to my good friend Lisa! :]

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