Former Miss Venezuela Dies of Cancer

ONE of the former Miss Universe finalist died.

Eva Ekvall, winner of Miss Venezuela in 2000 has died at the age of 28 years on Saturday (17/12) yesterday. “It’s very sad. Cancer took his life,” explains writer Leonardo Padron told Globovision as quoted Irish Independent website on Monday (19/12). “He looks very calm and brave in the fight against disease,” said Leonardo. Eva died after undergoing medical treatment in Houston, United States. The plan is Eva’s body will be sent to Venezuela, his native country. After sentenced to cancer last year, third runner up Miss Universe 2001 is writing a book that contains the call to raise awareness of cancer. “We spend a lot of money to look beautiful, but not to maintain health,” writes Eva in the book. In a book called Out of Focus, he also wrote: “There are many taboos about breast cancer. But in this country, the people doing the breast surgery every day. I do not understand how breast cancer can be a problem when everyone is showing off her breasts . ” through his Twitter account, Eva preach at the crown so the hair loss for women at all. “Now I know it has no hair at all,” wrote Eva in Twitter account, 10 March. Eva farewell, rest quietly at his side.

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  1. Terrible shame!

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