Four Reasons to Use Liquid Acidophilus

Acidophilus may be unpleasant and seem unnecessary. But how necessary is it?

Acidophilus is known for many things: bad taste, milky texture, live bacteria and health benefits. However, many people do not feel that it brings enough benefits to suffer the unpleasant taste or texture. What most people do not understand is that liquid acidophilus is one of the most potent cures against the common cold, influenza, infection, a multitude of viruses, urinary tract infection, yeast infection, over toxicity, overdose of antibiotics and over-sterilization. Liquid acidophilus is the most potent form of acidophilus because the live bacteria are contained in a medium which is absorbed directly into the lining of your stomach, intestines and tissues. Acidophilus in pill form must be moistened and combined with plenty of fluids, the live bacteria must grow a little and this process slows down the overall effect on the body, making it less powerful.

Living Organisms. Many people have the mindset that complete sterilization of the body must occur in order to be healthy. They take unnecessary antibiotics and use lots of antibacterial soap in order to prevent infection and/or sickness. The problem is the bacteria around them are not harmful! By attacking something which, in the long term, helps to build antibodies and immune strength, they are weakening their ability to fight stronger and deadlier bacteria. Some people do not have strong immune system to begin with due to their diet, lifestyle, lack of sunshine, etc. By taking liquid acidophilus, they are adding good bacteria without wiping out defense mechanisms which are already in place.

Yeast Infection. The simple fact of the matter is: women who have had yeast infection no longer complain of the problem or symptoms after having taken liquid acidophilus. Even if you have a multitude of harmful bacteria growing and festering in your body, the solution is never to wipe out all bacteria, both the good and the bad. The solution is to add more positive, helpful bacteria to thoroughly annihilate the negative ones. Yeast infection can be debilitating, frustrating and seemingly hopeless, especially if you have a particularly bad case of it. Do your body a favor and feed it armies of good to battle and win against the armies of evil.

Urinary Tract Infection. After having sex on a repetitive basis without using condoms, after incorrect toilet wiping techniques or improper hygiene, urinary tract infection can occur. This painful infection is marked by a frequent and sudden need to urinate, pain during or right after urination, waves of pain traveling from point of exit toward the inner body right after elimination and sometimes is indicated by small blood spotting in urine. As with all infections of any nature, liquid acidophilus is crucial to wiping out the harmful living organisms by filling your urinary tract with positive, nutritional bacteria.

Hardiness. We have all known people who have “never been sick a day of their lives.” If you are somewhat sickly in nature, it can be maddening to hear of those who never get the bug that’s traveling around and who heal quickly and who are always strong, happy and healthy. Liquid acidophilus can build an immune system to be envied. Always shake the bottle thoroughly before ingesting each dose, take four or more swallows each day, and watch your overall hardiness grow more and more!

Liquid acidophilus is one of the most versatile and strengthening solutions to today’s health problems. Remember to always take it if you are taking antibiotics, and to give it to your children. You cannot overdose on this medicine!

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