Free Telephone Action: Lactose Intolerance

Experts provide information.

Millions of people suffer from lactose intolerance, sometimes even withoutknowing the exact causes. Them the enzyme lactose, the lactose is missing (eg as in cow’s milk) splits. Information about lactose intolerance Our ‚Äč‚Äčexperts over the phone - for free!
Stomach ache and intestinal discomfort - it can be lactose intolerant (Photo:Shebeens)

We gens the missing enzyme reaches the Milcgzucker undigested into the large intestine, where it is degraded by intestinal bacteria and occur in the course of this process often leads to severe digestive problems.

Free telephone campaign on 18 August 2009, 16-18 Clock

What you can do with lactose intolerance, you like to say our two experts, Dr.Christoph Lei bl doctor, general practitioner from Willi ch, and Erhard high, a chemist from Disliking, during our telephone action on Tuesday, the 18th August2009, 16-18 clock on telephone number 0800 - 20 40 500th The call is free for you!               Dr. Christoph Leibl                       Ekkehard high 

Ask our experts include:
What symptoms are typical for lactose intolerance?
What exactly happens when you take milk sugar to be?
What subjects shall not eat yet?
Which products caution should be exercised?
What helps quickly and gently with acute indigestion?

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