Full Face Transplantion Have Successful Again

Full Face Transplantion have Successful Again.

A woman who underwent a full face transplantion in May back to show a new face through a photo released yesterday.

Charla Nash (57), whose face was damaged after being attacked by a chimpanzee in 2009, photographed in bed Brigham Hospital, Boston, appeared dramatically with the nose, lips and facial skin with a new distinct keadaanya first.

“I am now able to do the things I never did before,” said Nash, told Reuters on Friday (12/08/2011).

Nash also admitted that now she can smell and eat normally. He was quite happy because now no longer disabled because it has a lip that will be used to speak clearly can dab mencim and embrace their loved ones.

Nash suffered disability after a pet chimpanzee that is weighing 200pon (91 kg) rampage two years ago. She lost her hands, lips, nose and eyes. This led her blind and disabled after the attack. Chimpanzee was finally shot by police died.

After undergoing a full face transplant operation for 20 grueling hours in the hospital in May. When photographed skin rather blow up. Before oprasi and photographed, Nash often wear headscarves to hide its shortcomings.

Nash is a full face transplant operation performed in the third United States (U.S.),

A woman who does not want his identity known to donate his face, hands and other network materials that make the operation work. Hand transplant is considered successful, but the hands are not moving because the hand is not suitable.

Doctors say hand transplant can be tried if other donors match the identification in accordance with Nash. Nash facial surgery involved 30 medical personnel including doctors, nurses,

Nash’s face was rebuilt by the medical team of more than 30 doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and some residents who want a double hand transplant made more complicated in the operating room.

First full face transplant in the world completed in Spain in 2010.

“Face transplantion is a skin transplant process to replace the patient’s skin with a donor skin or the patient’s own skin. Face transplant aimed at those who suffered damage to the skin due to fire, disease, trauma or birth defects. First face transplant in the world made ​​in 1994 against Sandeep Kaur, a nine-year-old boy whose face was damaged by hair sucked into the centrifuge grass. Physicians who perform transplants of Sandeep Kaur was Abraham Thomas, one of the famous surgeon of India”.

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