Gamot Sa Ulcer

Sakit na Ulcer – Types of Ulcer and Ulcer Treatment.

 Ulcer can very painful if not treated right away. as you know that there are several types of ulcer.

Peptic ulcer – Once you have a peptic ulcer your will experiencing indigestion and heartburn – sakit ang tyan tuwing after meal.

Patients with peptic ulcer loss weight and drinking coffee and acidic drink can trigger the stomach pain. Coke, coffee, tea and other high acidic drink should be avoided.

Gastric Ulcer – Patients with gastric ulcer experience burning pain in the stomach just below the sternum. the pain is sharp and dull. Drinking coffee and soft drinks should be avoided. frequent burping and bloating of the stomach is also sign that you have a Gastric Ulcer.

Gamot sa Ulcer – Ulcer treatment

Lowering the amount acid intake. Stop smoking and avoid during alcohol that can damage the lining of your digestive tract.

Antacids – Help neutralize acid in the stomach. take sucralfate coats the ulcer to protect it from the acid so it has time to heal.

H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors reduce the amount of acid that your stomach makes. They usually help people start to feel better within 3 days

Your doctor may advice you to take medicine that lowers the stomach acid for up to 8 weeks. Most ulcers heal within this time. Drink a lot of water so that the water will carry the acid out of your body.

If Symptoms persist go back to your doctor he might prescribe you a new medicine

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