Garlic: Cooking Spices That Havethousands of Benefits

Most of us recognize garlic as seasoning in some dishes. However, do you know other than as seasoning, garlic as well as a highly efficacious herbal medicine.

It is said that garlic has been used as medicine for thousands of years ago. In the years 2700-1900 BC, the workers who built the pyramids in egypt use it as an antidote to fatigue and illness. At 460 BC, Hippocrates praised its effect is capable of treating various diseases. At the time of World War of 1914-1918, the French army used garlic to treat wounds.

Among other nutritious garlic to lower blood cholesterol levels, inhibit platelet aggregation, increase fibrinolytic activity, inhibits atherogenesis and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Several studies have shown behwa garlic can act as an anti-oxidant and anti cancer.

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research have conducted research on the benefits of garlic in treatment. They make the garlic capsules are equivalent to 7 grams of fresh garlic per capsule. The dose used was 2×1 capsules every day for 5 months. In the first human studies, increased blood cholesterol. This may occur because of the erosion of fatty deposits in blood vessels. HDL cholesterol increased after 2 months of delivery capsules. Cholesterol levels decreased after 8 weeks, but decreased triglyceride levels only after 5 months of garlic administration.

From the above data and facts, garlic proven to cure and prevent various diseases.

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