Genital Herpes and Genital Acne, How Do They Differ?

Herpes and acne are two skin disorders that can appear in the genital region. Although they may be in the same location, these two are so different from each other. Consult your doctor to identify your skin desease. Is it genital herpes or genital acne?


Whenever a skin disorder appears in your genitalia, you feel doomed. Oftentimes you would not even want to consult the doctor about it. It seems that having skin problems in your genitals is a very big sin, a normal thing transforms into a very unnatural disease which may be contrary to good health and fitness. Herpes is just one of the genital infections that can be contracted. Another infection of this sort is the genital acne. Since both of these appear in the same location, you are curious to know the difference between herpes and genital acne – at least to be educated on how to distinguish one from the other when you happen to get the disease.

Genital herpes is different from oral herpes

Are you aware that there is a big distinction between oral herpes and genital herpes? This means that there are two variants of this skin irritation – type 1 or HSV 1 and type 2 or HSV 2. Type 1 is the oral herpes that appears in your face or mouth. This is also called cold sore or fever blister. Type 2 is commonly known as herpes or genital herpes and this refers to infections in the private parts of your body. This will now lead us to the original query – the difference between herpes and genital acne.

What is genital acne?

You are well aware that acne normally occurs in the facial area, including the chest and back. But unfortunately, accumulation of sweat in the inner thighs and genital area will cause outbreak of genital acne. This kind of pimples is known as folliculitis which is a kind of infection that occurs in the pores of the skin in the groin area.

Big difference between the two genital skin problems

Before we go into the difference between herpes and genital acne, let us establish the one and only identified similarity.  Both are irritations or infections that appear in the genitals.

For the difference, let us start with the cause for each. The genital herpes is transmitted through engagement in sex, whether it is vaginal, anal or oral sex. Rubbing skin to skin transfers the herpes simplex virus 2 from the afflicted person to his or her partner. The genital acne is caused by excessive sweat and toxins – the kind of problems that usually cause pimples in your face.

One other big difference between genital herpes and genital acne is in the treatments. Genital acne is highly treatable and preventable. You can reduce the outbreak of genital pimples by showering often and keeping your genital area dry and clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. For genital herpes, the preventive measure is abstinence from sex when there is an outbreak of herpes.

Once you contract herpes, the virus becomes resident of your body system. It will not be cured; you only get relieved from the symptoms. And once your immune system goes down, the virus can become active and once again, your herpes will surface. For the genital acne, this is highly preventable and curable.

Perhaps now that you have this information, you will at least be able to distinguish your genital skin disorder. However, it is still my advice that when genital skin problems arise, have the courage to see your doctor who can better tell you the difference between genital herpes and genital acne.

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  1. Thanks for the information. Yes, herpes is deadly and can hardly be cured completely, though there are differences between the acne and the disease.

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