Genital Herpes Infection: Health Body Note

This is an article about the genital herpes virus. Hopefully in this article, you’ll more aware of your sexual precautions.

What is GHI?

GHI, stands for the sexual transmitted disease called the, “genital herpes infection.” GHI is also known as herpes progenitalis. 

You can reduce any STD, by simply reducing your sex, reserve yourself for one partner, and use protective measures during sex. Cleanliness are also a major factor when reducing disease. There are so many dangerous micro-organisms in the warm and moist areas of the genitals on both male and female. Cleanliness can reduce many of these organisms. Even in times of sexual stimulation’s, have you notice your partners lack of or cleanliness after all sexual escapades?

Cleanliness is an important factor in sex. The more partners, and lack of cleanliness, can lead to the increase of contracting any STD. Although condoms are worn, it can’t protect you from receiving bacteria viruses near or around the genitals. You can increase your risks with oral sex in areas of the genitals, with or without the protection of condoms.

In the climax of the sexual escapade, both sexes experience body heat. During the body heat moment, bacteria begins too grow in the genital areas. The genital areas includes the male groin, female vaginal, and both sexes anal areas. The body during sex, naturally secretes perspiration fluids out of the anal areas. Do not mistake sweat secretion for adequate  lubrication.

The GHI virus can be recurrent. The herpes virus are identified two ways. Type 1 is identified by blisters, cold sores, and internal mouth sores. The external blister is visible on the outside of the lip, but an internal mouth sore isn’t visible. The host of the Type 1, should know the internal blister exist by the cold sore pain.

The type 2 of th genital herpes infection is spread by kissing the herpes host in the mouth. The blister can make known it’s presence and pain up to 7 to 10days. Currently there is no cure for the herpes virus. But there may be medications that can relieve the pain.

In all sexual experiences, the truth and safe sex will help your partner. Your partner should warn you if they have an outbreak or have multiple sex partners. The truth about sexual activities outside of a loyalty relationship can reduce STD.

The love factor, is protecting, being honest, and safe while being with your partner.

Carved male & female sex organs (Photo credit: _Yuki_K_)

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