Getting to Bed at The Same Time Every Night at 11pm Can Help You in a Lot of Ways

Here I am going to examine why we should all go to bed at 11pm.

Did you know that you can reduce your risk of colds and you cut your risk of flu and depression by a lot as long as you are in bed at 11pm every night.

By doing this you even out your circadian rhythms so that you are sleeping when it is dark and awake when it is light. What if you are a night owl and stay up till 1 am because you are not tired. Here are some ways to get sleepier.

You can stop insomnia that is caused by stress by first asking your doctor if it is safe for you to take calcium and magnesium and if it is take both before bed about 400-500 mg. This helps insomnia that results from stress because the calcium and magnesium loosens ones muscles.

Don’t be a slave to your to do list right up until you go to sleep. A half hour before bed, do something for yourself such as writing for your journal or read that book you’ve been meaning to read. This helps stress hormones that interrupt your sleep to decrease. When you reduce these hormones you fall asleep faster by 30% or more according to research by Stanford University.

Have a light snack at 10pm because you will set off the production of two hormones called serotonin and cytokines  that cause you to relax. It does this because you are upping your sugar blood level. If you want the best blood sugar surge try a snack loaded with carbohydrates such as toast and jelly or some potato chips.

If you go to bed several hours earlier than normal you are setting yourself up for tripling your chance of not sleeping as well or having insomnia. How can you solve this problem you ask? Every few days go to bed 10 minutes earlier because you have to reset your circadian rhythms step by step by doing this you’ll go to sleep earlier and fall asleep faster according to Sidney MacDonald Baker M.D. author of the Circadian Ryhthm.

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