Gives Birth Defect Risks for Pregnant Diabetes

Gives birth defect risks for pregnant Diabetes.

Pregnant women with diabetes have a four times higher risk of birth defects, according to research Newcastle University, UK.

Research results published journal Diabetologia analyzed data from approximately 400,000 pregnancies in the East of England.

The risk of congenital heart defects such as spina bifida and is increased in women with high blood sugar levels.

Women planning a pregnancy are advised to check blood sugar levels regularly.

Type 1 diabetes are likely to emerge in childhood and type 2 diabetes are caused by wrong diet, may inhibit the body control blood sugar levels.

As a result of pregnancy in addition to having a baby with physical deformities and health problems, there is also a risk of miscarriage and babies born with excess weight.

The risk of birth defects was 19 of 1,000 births in pregnant women who do not have diabetes and 72 of 1,000 in women with diabetes.

Research leader, Dr Ruth Bell of Newcastle University told the BBC: “Most of the anomalies in the fetus occurs in the first four to six weeks.”

He said the number of pregnancies in women with diabetes “higher than we want.”

“The problem is if the pregnancy was unplanned or when the mother does not realize that they should consult a physician before pregnancy,” he said.

According to guidelines from the National Institutes of Health pregnancy UK, women have to reduce blood sugar levels to below 6.1% before pregnancy.

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