Google I Think I’m Having a Heart Attack

Oh sure it happens every once in awhile… abit of discomfort.. a small abnormality in the chest area… and to Google I go.

If you think you are having a heart attack

a professional would say to get help immediately

If I followed a professionals advice I would pay too many ambulance bills for nothing.

this is not a list of symptoms to verify that you have a heart attack

though I could probably list them for you

if hundreds of websites did not do the same.

I hate heart attacks

I hate how vague their symptoms are

I hate how their symptoms could be applied

to so many other harmless conditions

I hate how I obsess over whether or not its my final hour.

Sure I try to control the panic

Sure I say..

” If I’m still alive in a hour”

” I’m not having a heart attack”

still even that doesn’t help

when the panic strikes again 

and again. 

and again

Perhaps the term is hypochondria

Perhaps the term is being a paranoid little girl

I don’t even know

Still when the day comes

when I actually do have a heart attack

I suppose there are worse ways to die

then sitting on a computer

and googling whether your dying or not. 

I suppose I could like be like those websites

I suppose i could give you the cheap advice of doing exercise

that very few have the motivation to do.

still if you can go out for a small 10 minute walk

once a week.

once a month even

you can say that you exercised

and it will be easier to reassure yourself

that you don’t have a heart attack.

if you think you have one

but have that feeling

that your making things up. 

Still if you have the general symptoms 

and you have that feeling

that something is wrong

its not a web page that you should be looking at…..

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