Have You Been Going Acid Over Bananas?

Have you been Going Acid Over Bananas?

The body uses the stomach to make saleratus to control the acids made from diet and metabolism.  The bones aren’t buffers of acidity.  They may be the consequence of an over acid lifestyle and diet which include the acid ingestion of bananas.  The calcium from the bones is just used if the stomach seriously isn’t functioning properly in their main objective to provide alkalintiy by means of sodium bicarboante to buffer metabolic acids from the blood and tissues. 

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The stomach produces an acidic waste material of HCL as being a waste matter of sodium hydrogen carbonate production.  The HCL grouped into the gastric pits of the stomach because the alkalizing sodium bicarbonate rises to alkalize the foodstuff we ingest. 

HCL is really a strong acid and does cause cancer – especially stomach cancer!!!!!!!!  This is why is there a health challenge on earth is stomach problems in the over-manufacture of HCL due to body’s need for more sodium hydrogen carbonate to buffer the acids from an acidic lifestyle and diet.  This is critical in order to maintain its alkaline design of the body.  The biochemical equation inside the stomach is NaCl + H2O + CO2 <=> NaHCO3 + HCL.  For each molecule of HCL produced in the stomach the same level of baking soda is produced to take care of the alkaline design on the body.  The stomach’s main purpose is usually to maintain the alkaline design with the body..  It’s not an organ of digestion but an organ of contribution.  It’s main contribution on the blood, tissues and organs is bicarbonate of soda.  The pH From the stomach isn’t acid but Alkaline for a pH well over 8 when the stomach begins releasing its sodium bicarbonate to alkalize food NOT digest food.  Really the only instrument you might have in the body to digest meals is your teeth.  So chew the food well into an alkaline state since the salivary glands, the pHylorus glands, the bile secretions, the pancreatic secretions and also the intestines are secreting bicarbonate of soda to alkalize the ingested food to an ideal pH of 8.4 to ensure the liquid food may be transformed into stem cells inside the crypts from the small intestines.  When meals are in their ideal liquid alkaline state this is when it is possible to produce healthy blood cells that end up being the new healthy body cells of the glands, organs and tissues.

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