Haze – a Threat to Your Health

Common health problems caused by haze.

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Haze is one of the environmental phenomena which most of the time caused by human activities. Open burning, smoke from factories, smoke from major industrial activities are some of the contributors to the haze not only near the location of the activities, but always affecting the area of few hundreds kilometers away. Haze is not only a problem on the vision but also on human health as it is polluting the air that we breath.

We need air to live. Without air, we can only last for minutes. No matter where we go, we have no choice but to breath what is available around us. That is the reason for the haze to affect our health especially our respiratory system. We breath the air along with the pollutants which sometimes consist of toxic elements.

A person who is exposed to hazy environment for a long time could endangered his or her health. When a person inhale the air which is affected by haze, the particles of the air along with the haze will be deposited in the lungs. The situation will be worse for a person that have the history of respiratory problems such as asthma and chronic lung diseases which may cause their life.

Some other health problems due to haze are eye and skin irritation which vary with individuals. Some may experience dryness of throat and dry cough due to the dusty environment. Those with sensitive nose will certainly experience a lot of sneezing and accompany by running nose.

All of these problems, are treatable by the medications. If the symptoms continue, just go straight away to the nearest medical center for instant treatment. 

We often hear a phrase saying that prevention is better than treatment. So, how to prevent the problems raised due to haze? There are many alternatives. Mask is an option for us to filter the air that we breath. At least the air is cleaner than the air that we inhaled directly from the hazy environment. It is also advised to avoid outside activities during the period. Stay at home if there is no necessary activities to be done outside the house. 

The most important thing is to prevent the haze. If we ask the factories to stop their operations, we might get involved as well as most of their operations are to manufacture our daily used items. So, the best way to lighten the haze is by not doing any open burning. Open burning is one of the major contributors to haze. Therefore, we must not support the open burning.

Think more than twice before you burn openly. Care for the environment and care for your health.

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