Heal Acid Reflux Constipation Gas Bloating and Indigestion Home Remedies

A healthy diet and a few home remedies, you can cure acid reflux! Instead of taking a pill to try to cover up the problem, it is much better to work with your body’s wisdom and heal the problem permanently, so you can live a happy vibrant healthy life? Acid Reflux – It can be extremely painful and linger on and on, it is a common condition in which the liquid content of the stomach backs up into the esophagus. Use acid to cure an acid problem and it works! (like fire with fire) To my understanding is if you suppress your acid too much, it can actually cause stomach cancer.”

Acid Reflux or any  illness doesn’t just happen, it is the result of an imbalance. OTC medicines  are only a temporary fix.  It actually makes the problem worse over time. Dryness resulting in constipation, which can lead to bloating and gas, when your food is not digested properly.  Over time toxins build up causing arthritis and low back problems. If you have acid reflux you are at high risk for esophageal cancer. Some acid reducers being prescribed by most doctors are now prov-en to be risky for gastrointestinal cancer. To reduce toxins in stomach, drinking Okra slimy water is very helpful. This article can be a major help:  Okra the Healing Vegetable Functions Like Dialysis Treatment Machine  

Three types of Acid known  as Pita, Vita and Kappa types
 * Pita type:  making some small changes and avoiding certain types of foods, especially in summer months, can relieve the acid, reflux, and burning.  Eating more cooling foods can speed up the healing process and restore balance.
* Vita type:  following a vita pacifying diet will help to lubricate your digestive tract and get things moving again.  Vita types need to take extra measures during the winter months to maintain harmony and balance from within.
* Kappa types:  benefit from foods that are Bitter, Astringent and Pungent.  By balancing the qualities and tastes of your food you will restore balance and healing can occur.

Some Helpful Natural Herbal Remedies

1)   Take 3 times a day: 2 Teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in water with  ½ spoon of honey, Honey has natural antiseptics which can help, Plus, it taste great!. Take a stronger concoction (more vinegar and honey, less water) after a heavy meal if you are treating acid reflux. It works you don’t need any anti-acid.

2)   You may go to G.NC, buy apple cider capsules, it also works good. Try them , take them for a month, you will notice the difference .

3)   Eat an apple after every meal, reduces the acid reflux. Best source is take half glass of milk,
skim milk is OK. One apple, one slice of pineapple,  two almonds make an purée with ½ teaspoon of  honey . Pineapples are rich in enzymes, especially in Bro me lain, which reduce protein. These enzymes improve digestion, mitigate inflammation, and speed up the healing process.  Add crushed ice to the mixture, this will become a delicious tasty smoothie and drink it after meals at least three times a week. It is measure for immediate relief for heartburn and acid reflux.

4)   Slippery elm:  was used by native peoples to treat stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and other digestive complaints.

5)   Fennel and ginger root were also common “medicine man remedies” for the relief of indigestion.

These home remedies are natural resources  available  in every home. The  preparation of these treatments very  inexpensive but their use is very effective with good feeling of home care.  Homemade herbal remedies for acid reflux, the psychological anxiety of  a ‘patient’ is reduced.  You may as well  use these natural herbal remedies for relieving heartburn and inflammation caused by acid reflux. It is very safe and inexpensive the natural way with no side effects.

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