Healing Gemstones for Headaches

Did you know wearing an emerald necklace can relieve a headache? Gemstones can soothe and cure headaches and calm and relax you. The crystal headache treatments can also be liquid crystal elixirs in sprays and in compresses, gemstone massages and jewels under your pillow.

Many of the stunning jewelry sets you see online are also used as headache cures. Read on and discover how a purchase of a necklace from an online auction will help to cure headaches even chronic migraine headaches. The crystal healing treatments can be done many ways. You can make your own crystal remedies by keeping a clean gemstone in water for 12 to 24 hours. You can use that crystal elixir for a soothing compress, spray it as a healing mist, drink it or use it in a massage. You can also place a gemstone on your forehead and lie down for a headache treatment. Other methods include wearing a necklace even at night and keeping crystals under your pillow.

One thing you will like about crystal treatments is that they are portable and very convenient. They are as handy as the jewelry you’re wearing. You can also keep crystals in pouches as healing crystals bags. You can keep them in your purse, pocket, backpack or glove compartment. You can add fragrances and essential oils to the crystal elixirs and keep them in spray bottles or misters. You can put the elixirs on cloths and use them in compresses. Massaging the forehead, neck and shoulders with an elixir is a soothing headache treatment.

One lovely gemstone that is commonly used to treat headaches is the purple sugilite stone. The manganese in sugilite is believed to help cure headaches. Simply holding a sugilite stone to your forehead can stop the headache. You can also lie down and put a sugilite stone on your forehead and wear a sugilite necklace. Making a sugilite elixir and spraying it may be more convenient for you. You can also use the elixir to make a soothing compress to stop headaches. Keeping some sugilite near the bedside or under your pillow may also be helpful to you.

Another effective crystal headache treatment is an amber necklace. Keep some amber jewelry in your crystal medicine cabinet for headache treatments. Wearing an amber necklace helps to soothe and cure headaches. Wearing a short amber necklace will also stop recurring migraine headaches. The necklace should be made of flat amber stones so you can wear the necklace at night. The amber necklace treatment should continue for a month or more. You may also want to keep some amber stones under your pillow.

Some of the many gemstones that are believed to cure headaches include amazonite, amber, amethyst, aventurine, dioptase, emerald, falcon’s eye, hematite, jet, lapis lazuli, pearl, rose quartz, smoky quartz, sugilite, tiger’s eye and turquoise. Crystals that are used to treat migraine headaches include amber, aventurine, dioptase, iolite, jet, lapis lazuli, magnesite, pearl, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, sugilite and topaz. Migraine headaches that are caused by stress can be treated by massaging lightly with rhodochrosite, rose quartz or topaz.

Make crystal elixirs by keeping clean gemstones in water in sunlight or moonlight for 12 to 24 hours. You can combine crystals to make the elixirs. You can also drink the elixirs or add them to teas or other drinks for their healing effects. If you’re not drinking them you can add fragrances or essential oils to the elixirs. You can then use them or the unscented elixirs in compresses or sprays. Remember to wash the gemstones you’re using at least once a month.


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