Healing Properties of Pistachios

Recent studies offer more and more medicinal properties of pistachios:

Preventing Lung Cancer

Recent studies have shown that daily consumption of pistachios may reduce the risk of cancer of the lungs and other organs. A study by the American Association for Cancer Research (American Association for Cancer Research Frontiers), were presented at a conference on the prevention of cancer, which was held 6-9 December 2009.

The secret of slimming

Obesity and overweight can lead to type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Experts in the field of nutrition called Pistachio “nuts to maintain harmony, thanks to low-calorie (170 kcal per 30 g) and high in fiber (12% Daily Value per serving).

Correct undershot with diabetes

Scientists from the University of Toronto have discovered that a handful of pistachios, eaten with foods high glycemic index (white bread, for example) lowers blood sugar and hunger hormone “in the blood. Thus, pistachios regulate appetite, which is great news for diabetics.

Your “good” fats

90% fat (13 g per serving) in the pistachios are considered “good” or unsaturated, because they reduce blood cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that eating two handfuls of pistachios a day helps reduce “bad” cholesterol by 9-12%.

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