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In this article of the body series we will discuss the issues about dizziness. From the health of the mind to the heart.

What is being flighty?

A symptom of being flighty is dizziness. The major cause of dizziness is lack of blood flow to the brain. In the lack of blood flow to the brain is simply cause by no oxygen flowing into the brain. Constant sneezing can cause lack of blood flow. Failure to breath properly can prevent blood flow.

There are two major causes of dizziness. Dizziness can occur when a person has a cold or flu. A person tends to change their diet, by eating less when sick. A person tends to reduce fluid flow into the body. Just being sick alters a person’s entire regular habits.

A person’s daily activities can cause flighty feelings if the person is strained, hungry, sleepy, or even under medication that makes the person drowsy. Now these days, when taking medication, you need to read the instructions carefully, and the side-effects.

A person can become flighty if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To determine the issue, you should ask the person if they’ve taken medication. Some medication doesn’t mix well with everything. Sometimes coffee and medication together isn’t a good idea. Nor an alcohol and medication combination isn’t a good idea. However, read the instructions on the medication bottle or ask your doctor.

Having a flighty feeling can cause lost of consciousness while standing or sitting. A person can fall and sustain injury, but may not remember how. That’s lost of consciousness. Even emotional experiences, temper, arguments, eating wrong kinds of fatty or cholesterol foods can cause flighty feelings. These experiences are called “blackout” in most cases the person doesn’t remember how.

Another association to flighty is “lightheadedness” which is associated with high blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in anxiety.  Remember anxiety is never good for the body. Anxiety can create negative impulse to circulate and cause rapid bad-cell nerve impulses that can trigger many health issues.

The flighty feeling can be experienced by the body being in a low position and rising fast. In all things a good diet can counteract to the flighty feelings.

The last cause in this article about flighty feelings, is vertigo. What is vertigo? It is the balance fluid in the ear. If you have loss of hearing in either ear suddenly due to the imbalance of the fluid, then you can suffer flighty. If someone was to pick you up, and spin you around very fast in a circular motion, you may experience flighty.

In all cases, if you regular experience flighty, then you may need to contact your doctor and inform them. Make provisions for good health, with exercise, and eating right.

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