Health Fitness Poem

Health Fitness Poem
Health and Fitness heals me with a quickness.

Health Fitness Poem

Health and Fitness heals me with a quickness

So heroic, tonics I sip, ginseng prevents energy sickness

Apples and oranges, blueberries and bananas, I mix and manage

My cholesterol, heart disease, and internal damage

I am never strangled as it is Irish moss I am entangled

Red, Gold, and Green, I eat peppers like a fend…for phenols

My prescription is multiple pounds of greens

Diet of my dreams

I eat what candy is named after

Laughter like a child I eat cherries and smile

Love like now fruits are forever

From the sun I am fed with fun flavors

Endless cycles of farmland I love to recycle

My food leaves compost not plastic

Eat Jurassic like a giraffe, enabling acrobatics

I do back flips for fresh, un-dehydrated carrot chips

Cacao nibs and watermelon radish tips make me a happy kid

It is obvious I am loveliness not lonely since I have a mangosteen which is the Queen of fruits and I am the mango…the king of kings Posted by OrganicFitness.Org

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