Health Tips Part Five

Here are some more health tips. Hope you like them!

A current study from Japan says.

The study says that when children imbibe of sodas too often it will give them headaches as often as daily. The caffeine in them is held responsible. If you gradually stop giving your children soda, and give them water when they  are thirsty, their headaches will cease.  Also, by getting your children off soda it will not increase te weight of your children which is important because so many kids spend their time on facebook and don’t get any exercise and sugary sodas only heighten obesity in children which is already at elevated levels.

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University made a discovery recently that foods that are full of flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory in foods such as tomato sauce, parsley and celery will shave 28% your risk of ovarian cancer.

The ghren levels in your brain spark your appetite.To quell your appetite you need peptide YY according to British researchers. To lower your ghren levels you need to do weight lifting and aerobics. The only way to expand the peptide YY is by aerobic exercise. Attempt to do an exercise like swimming,cycling or walking for 30 minutes five days a week.

If you are taking an allergy medication, especially in the morning, you might be taking it with your orange juice. Instead consume it with water as researchers have opined that taking allergy medication with apple or orange juice it diminishes the effect of your medication by up to 67%.

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  1. Thanks for more good tips.

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  3. many good sharing///.. thanks.

  4. Excellent tips and it always amazes me that parents actually give their kids soft drinks full of sugar and caffeine!

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  6. The best thing to do for your kids is to get them used to drinking water and eating healthy from the start. This is what I did. Some other parents where crtical of me because o f that, but my kids are way helther than theirs are. They don’t get sick as often, do not have to take any antibiotics ( my younger one is 10 and never taken them in her life, the older is 11 and had to take it only once) and are not overweight, though their doctor complains about it and recommends sugar filled apetite boosters. I never listened to that and I never will. What do they teach these doctors in medical schools these days?

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