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Know the foods with high cholesterol. avoid eating too much with these kind of foods.

Do you know if you eat foods with high cholesterol will put you in danger of heart disease problems?

A. Foods with high cholesterol

    *  Egg yolk

    *  Liver

    *  Kidney

    *  Lobster

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    *  Saturated fats in animals

        -  skin of chicken

        -  ground meat

        -  animal processed products

        -  Dark meat

     *  Coconut oil

     *  Palm oil

     *  Cocoa butter

B. These foods can increase the LDLin Our bloodstream.

C. The greater the LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) in our blood, more chances of developing plaque in the arteries and thus clogs our veins.

D. LDL is harmful to our body because it oxidizes and it becomes a poison to bodily cells.

Based on the Booklet: Healthy You, A handbook of Nutrition Trivia, For the Young Ones

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