Heart Attack Depends Upon Exercise and Salt in Diet

Heart Attack Depends Upon Exercise and Salt in Diet of patient.

Heart Attack Depends Upon Exercise

          Those who believe that regular exercise prevents heart disease always point to figures indicative of lower incidence among physically active workers. This point was discussed earlier. However, from tests made in several Scandinavian countries, the reverse was found to be true, with hard working rural laborers having higher heart disease incidence than the sedentary city folk.

          Many scientists fail to find a precise correlation between exercise and coronary heart disease. A comprehensive investigation made simultaneously in the United States, Europe and South Africa did not disclose sufficient facts to support such a connection. Although opinions differ, there is negligible proof that exercise lowers cholesterol levels; nevertheless this remains a subject for future research.

          However-and this is important-physical activity does tend in general to reduce weight, and weight reduction (with or without special low fat diets) tends to decrease cholesterol levels. There can also be no doubt that exercise promotes the circulation of the blood; in as much as good blood circulation is primary in the problem of heart disease, it may well be that physical activity is desirable. Mere desultory knee bending is not enough; a minimum of an hour’s daily walking at a brisk (not gentle) pace is required.


Experts differ on the relationship between exercise and heart attacks. It seems desirable, in only for general health, improved circulation and a good figure, to exercise with some degree of regularity.

Heart Attack Depends Upon Salt in the Diet

          The body holds in solution a more or less fixed percentage of fluids to dilute the amount of salt in the system. Those who habitually salt everything they eat may have a dozen or more pounds of water weight in their system. Surveys indicate that excessive users of salt tend toward higher than average blood pressure; in as much as high blood pressure is a clear danger signal on the road to possible heart disease, this condition should be corrected. In the event of a heart attack, the body will be required to pump extra fluids through the body.


It would seem reasonable to lower although not to eliminate completely salt intake; this in turn will result in a loss of weight, which is also desirable.

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