Heart Attack Know The Signs From a Survivor!

In this article I would like to help and save someone’s life. This is the story of two people my wife and a friend. My wife would survive my friend was not that lucky. Both were a healthy 45 years of age and both were not overweight, both did not smoke and both loved to walk. If this helps just one person I will be happy.

Five days later morning of the heart attack.

First thing in the morning while sitting down to breakfast my wife said that she was feeling very queasy just like she did when she was pregnant (morning sickness). But after breakfast she said that she felt fine and that it had passed so we both set off for work. Missed the second sign. At this point I should tell you that my wife was fortunate to work at a place where they had a full time nurse and a sickbay. It was this nurse who would save her life in about 3 hours time.
Heart attack in progress

The heart attack.

All morning my wife worked as normal, laughing, joking with her colleagues and just getting on with things and she felt perfectly alright. Then at 12pm (midday) just as she was standing up to go for her lunch her left arm started to ache. Missed the third sign. She again felt nothing of it thinking it had just been the way she had her arm, while using the computer and carried on her way to lunch. Just as she got down to the lunch room she felt her jaw starting to ache but it was nothing serious as it did not bother her much. Missed the fourth sign. Once seated then things started to develop fast, suddenly the ache in her arm changed to real pain (on a scale from 1 – 10 where 10 is the worst) she said it was a six. At this point she thought she might as well go and see the nurse, but on the way the ache in her jaw changed to real pain and still using our scale for the pain she said it felt like a six.  On arrival at the nurse station she did not have to say anything, her face had become the color of ash and she was in intense pain, hardly being able to breath. The nurse immediately placed her in a bed and fed her oxygen, while her assistant called for an ambulance and she was rushed to hospital. It was at the hospital that I was called she would not let a nurse call me but spoke to me herself. It took me 15 minutes to get to her side.
Heart showing left wall infraction

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  1. A brilliant and personal share that I thank you so much for. My father passed 6 years ago from a heart attack (myocardial infarction) . Awareness = Knowledge = Power.
    I am glad that your wife had someone who knew… and hope that the guilt and anger has left you….. the signs in women especially are so subtle….

  2. I lost my brothers wife t a heart attack two weeks ago…she presented with severe chest pain and was spitting blood,looks like she had a rapture of the blood vessels of the heart

  3. Excellent share, so glad your wife is okay, thanks Steve

  4. Excellent share, so glad your wife is okay, thanks Steve.

  5. Nicely Written, thank you and my prayers

  6. Heart attack is causing million of deaths every year. Many people just do not feel the symptoms because of various medical conditions.It’s important to have regular medical checkups on a periodical interval.

  7. May god bless you and your family.
    This is very important to know about heart attack.

  8. A very personal and a very informative article Steve, thank you for sharing. Best wishes to your wife and yourself, Chris.

  9. Thank you for sharing this very personal story. Hopefully this will help save lives, which affects many all over the world.

  10. Thanks for sharing this

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