Heartburn Makes for a Long Day

2nd Part on my seven part series on heartburn.

Are you constantly getting heartburn while you are at work throughout the day? You are not the only one there are a lot of people that while at work it can be extremely painful, especially in the middle of the day. So what are some of the heartburn remedies that you can use at the office during your busy work day? If you have a small refrigerator in your break room or even in your office you can take things to work like:

1.       Celery

2.       Pineapple

3.       Milk

A lot of the time something as simple as these foods will help you fight the acid in your stomach. There are many heartburn remedies out there that you can use if you do not have a place to keep them cold. For instance there are other things that you can use while in the office like:

1.       Chewing gum

2.       Peppermint candies

3.       Peppermint leaves for tea

4.       Cinnamon candies

In fact a lot of the time there are always people that have a special candy dish that they will use for peppermint cadies that they put on their desk that way they can get relief but also offer someone a piece if they are having heartburn problems too. Plus that way you can get through the day at work until you can get better relief at home.

If it gets more and more persistent and it happens 3 or 4 times in a week you may want to talk to your doctor. They may talk to you about other medical remedies that are out there that will help you fight the heartburn. There are many medications out there that are widely uses but some of the more popula medications that arte used are:

1.       Prilosec

2.       Prevacid

3.       Zantac

Either way you will be sure to get the relief that you need from heartburn .


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  1. Cinnamon is good.

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