Herbal Medicines to Cure Measles

Can be measles be healed? Are there treatments against measles? Are herbal medicines can cure measles?

THE Department of Health (DOH) recently pronounced the measles outbreak in several areas in the Philippines.

The DOH’s National Epidemiology Center (NEC) has recorded a total of 669 cases of measles in the country from January 1 to February 5, with 309 coming from Metro Manila, alone.

According to NEC, the eleven areas in the country which have been reported to have measles outbreak include Manila, Alabang, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Tarlac, Quezon province, Rizal, Masbate, Iloilo, Lanao del Sur, and Cavite.

Dr. Eric Tayag of DOH’s NEC said the department is closely monitoring the day care centers, schools and hospitals all over the country to prevent the disease from further spreading.

Dr. Tayag appealed to parents to avail of the government’s free vaccination for their children. He, also, advised the public to wear face masks to evade the spread of the virus and encouraged the isolation of patients with measles.

What you should know about Measles? Measles is an acute and contagious viral disease common among children. The virus may be spread through moisture from the nose of throat of an infected individual who is normally infectious or transmittable for several days before symptoms are apparent and up to six days after the rash appears.

The early symptoms of measles are similar to those of a cold-runny nose, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, general weakness, coughing and fever. The presence of sensitivity to bright light, the dropping of fever and characteristic spots may come out in the mouth after several days. Soon after, the fever rises and a rash becomes visible, commonly about the face, neck and behind the ears before spreading over the entire body. At first, the rash appears as red spots in which as they multiply they grow together to form irregular blotches. Usually, the fever subsides and the condition improves within days. Even though the measles is relatively mild, anyone contracting this kind of this disease should see immediately the doctor and undergo his medication to avoid complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis, ear infection, bronchitis, etc. Health experts, also, strongly cautioned the public that as with all viral infections, an aspirin should not be given to children as cure because of the link that has been established with Reye’s syndrome.

Reye’s syndrome is a serious disease in which inflammation of the brain is coupled with liver damage. It is uncommon condition that typically infects children recovering from a viral infection such as chickenpox. Health experts, also, advised that aspirin should be given to children recuperating from chickenpox or any similar malady because a relationship has been established between contraction of the measles and the administering of that medicine for a viral infection. No exact cause for the disease is known. The onset of the infection is characterized by sudden vomiting, hyperactivity or sleepiness and confusion. After this, convulsions and coma may follow. Health experts, likewise, warned that immediate diagnosis is necessary as the first few days of the disease are normally the most critical.

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