High Blood

Young blood is high?

Automatic brachial sphygmomanometer showing grade 2 arterial hypertension (systolic blood pressure 158 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure 99 mmHg). Heart rate shown is 80 beats per minute. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

high blood pressure at a young age are generally more dangerous than occurs at the age of 40s and above.
said to be dangerous, since high blood at a young age is often difficult to control with medication. easily tends to increase abruptly, so that frequent brain attack (stroke) or heart attack.

instead we take the risk of developing hypertension at a young age we should be the case this enjauhi hypertension in terms of what should stay away from? and the things that should stay away from is to always keep our weight should not be too heavy, not smoking, and reducing salt in our diet.

stay away from things other than the above there are good you like to eat cucumbers and other vegetables sayaur is good for lowering high blood pressure as a food but also as a medicine.
Another natural remedy that works to treat high blood mangosteen peel is very good for high blood pressure drug made ​​in his way and took some skin in the puree and mangosteen plus enough water each day thereafter Drinks. taste very bitter indeed, but why not for health, you do not like kalu bitter taste you can use other solutions as a soursop uah way naya take soursop fruit, separating them with his seed and the puree it in a drink every serelah harai.
There are many natural treatment of high blood we live to select which one. do not be trivialized because it can cause high blood pressure stroke, it is also very risky for women who are pregnant.

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