HIV vs. Hepatitis C

Deaths due to hepatitis C infection has continued to increase, even beyond death from HIV.
Contributing factor is that most people do not realize they are infected with hepatitis C.

It is apparent in the United States. by data years 1999-2007 reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA. Highest mortality occur in humans aged productive. According to CDC officials, about 3.2 million people Americans adulterated with hepatitis C, the arch could cause of cancer and alarmist cirrhosis (hardening of the liver). An estimated one-third of adults who it is not adulterated apprehend they are infected due to the development this ache is slow. Hepatitis C is transmitted through use of syringe that is not sterile, from blood transfusion, and sexual intercourse. On some cases, manual may also action from mother to fetus. Chronic hepatitis is cause of abortive afterlife which can be prevented. How was the aboriginal detection and action of this disease can be cheaper and save lives. Recent studies for the know the amount of cases hepatitis in the United published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Recent data show deaths from hepatitis C reached 15,000, beyond deaths from HIV number is 13,000. Death Its aswell a lot of accepted in people aged middle. Approximately 73 percent deaths from hepatitis C occur in humans aged 45-64 years. Accepted hepatitis C vaccine does not exist. when upward trend in this case continues, is estimated at his afterlife in 2030 could ability 35,000 per year. According to Dr. Eugene Schiff, director of the Center for Liver Disease, the accepted analysis of hepatitis be one barriers. Analysis now includes antiviral and interferon often can not be acceptable patients. He added, in two years may already be analysis chargeless of interferon so the ancillary side effect is abate and accommodating can tolerate.

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  1. This is sad. People should take care better for their health.

  2. Both illnesses are terrible to deal with. It is so sad how so many people are dying from them. Thanks for sharing.

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