Home Remedies and Recommendations for Burns

It is a type of injury that occurs in the skin, tissues and even lower, caused by different factors such as heat (contact with flames, hot liquids or surfaces, etc..) cold, chemicals (alkalis, acids) and electricity.

Depending on the intensity, burns can be classified in three ways: first, second and third grade. First-degree burns affect only the outer layer or skin reddening skin without forming blisters. The second level affect the first two layers and form blisters which should not be broken. Third-degree burns can destroy tissue and dead zones and crusts form.

The first action to be performed in front of a small burn (less than two centimeters in diameter in children, or less than four inches in adults), is to wash it with plenty of cool water (15 to 30 minutes or until sensation ceases) and then use cold packs or placing the area into a bowl of cold water. It is important to only use cold water, not ice, because it restricts blood flow.
If a burn is greater (more than two centimeters in diameter in children and larger than four centimeters in adults or is charred, white or cream or involving internal organs) should receive immediate medical attention.

For small burns, there are several home remedies that can be used:

Folk Remedies

Remedy for burns # 1: Cut a piece of a fresh leaf of aloe or aloe vera, directly apply the pulp on the affected area or, if preferred, through a gauze. Aloe has a analgesic action that will improve the injury and also facilitate healing.
Remedy for burns # 2: Clean, peel and cut into slices half potato. Then cool in the freezer. Flatten with a fork to form a paste which is put on the burn with the help of a band. Change three times a day.
Remedy for Burns # 3: Apply a generous layer of honey on the burn. Honey exerts analgesic and antibacterial.
Remedy for Burns # 4: Spread olive oil on the burned area, and then sprinkle over some sea salt. At first, you will feel some burning, but it’s worth, since it avoids the appearance of the annoying blister. Finally, protected with a gauze and tape.
Remedy for burns # 5: Apply plain yogurt on minor burns, as it promotes scarring and healing.
Remedy for burns # 6: Prepare a paste of crushed olives in a mortar. Spread on a clean cloth and apply on the affected area which will relieve the itching and prevent blisters.
Remedy for Burns # 7: Cleaning up a couple of lettuce leaves, cut very fine and add a few drops of olive oil. Apply to the affected skin covered with gauze. Leave on for two hours and repeat the process if necessary.
Remedy for Burns # 8: Open a capsule of vitamin E and spread the contents onto the irritated skin which will help prevent scarring.
Remedy for Burns # 9: Use a handful of calendula flowers, plantain leaves another, a tablespoon of beeswax and three virgin olive oil. Then fry in a pan with olive oil calendula flowers and plantain. Strain and add beeswax preparation. Apply three times a day on the burned area.
Remedy for Burns # 10: Cut a leek, sliced ​​and placed on the injured area with gauze.Change several times a day.
Remedy for Burns # 11: Bringing the burned area, if a finger, the earlobe on the same side and have it so 5 minutes, thereby avoiding the formation of blisters. This remedy applies only to Brazil’s small kitchen burns.
Remedy for Burns # 12: Take a handful of fresh flowers beautifully, clean and place it directly on the affected area. This flower has analgesic properties and prevents infections.
Remedy for Burns # 13: Take a handful of lemon balm leaves, clean out and males in order to extract their juice. Spread it on a gauze which must be placed in the affected area. Repeat three times on the same day.
Remedy for Burns # 14: Apply directly to the white of an egg on the burn and leave for half an hour. This will prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.
Remedy for Burns # 15: Grate a handful of almonds and place, as a plaster over the area to burn.
Remedy for Burns # 16: Extract the juice of a handful of mint. Combined with a little cold water. Apply a sterile gauze over the area burned slightly.
Remedy for Burns # 17: Apply the transparent skin of the onion on a small burn to avoid brooding.


Watch all burns, no matter how small, and which, being broken skin is exposed to bacteria that can cause infection and facilitate the formation of scars. Any burn that does not heal within a 10 a 15 days, which is red hot again, or you have a blister filled with greenish or brown liquid, requires the observation of a doctor.

Do not break blisters, as this is the way the body maintains sterile burn. If a blister is opened by accident, can facilitate infection. To avoid this, clean the area with soap and water and gently apply some antibiotic ointment and cover it later.

Drink plenty of water and vitamins, and that hydration is important to help improve a burn. It is also advisable to take fruit and vegetable juices.
Then other preventive recommendations to avoid burns and even fires home:
Do not use charcoal lighter fluid on coals.
No smoking in bed
Keep on hand mitts and pot holder when in the kitchen.
Keep your face away when you open a package of popcorn cooked in the microwave.
Place fire extinguishers and keep them accessible and in good condition.
Keep smoke alarms in good condition.
Keep matches out of reach of children
Prevent children playing near the stove or hot as the iron agarrarobjetos.
Flip them pot handles toward the back of the stove so that children can not reach

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