Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

Water, berries and herbs go a long way in curing UTIs. Find out more…

If you use the right methods and also do it regularly then, natural cures and home remedies are enough to cure urinary tract infections. Here are some natural cures to help you if you are suffering from one.

Don’t stop drinking water just because urinating pains during the infection. In fact holding the urine in the bladder will promote further bacterial growth. So drink lots of water as there is nothing which is better than water to flush out the toxins, microorganisms and the bacteria from the system. It is truly a very good cure for UTIs.

Cranberries have been known for a log time to cure urinary tract infections. Its juice is really an effective cure. Just make sure that you are having the real fresh juice and not a packaged one, Also avoid diluting it with too much water. Do not add sugar to the juice when drinking it.

Blueberries work well too. You could either have it straight or even make a milk and blueberry smoothie. It not only tastes good but clears up the infection effectively as well.

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C and bromelain. While the former helps to increase your immunity, the latter reduces the inflammation caused by the infection.

Oregon grape
Oregon grape is an evergreen shrub with a lot of healing properties. It contains berberine and other alkaloids that help in killing the microorganisms that cause the infection.

Uva Ursi
This is a herb with antiseptic properties. It contains a compound called arbutin that helps to kill the bacteria from the tract walls. A tincture made with it helps to kill the bacteria that cause the infection. You could also boil some water with this and then drink it. It helps to keep the kidneys and the urinary tract clean. However, do keep in mind that when you are drinking this then do have a lot of cranberry juice with it as well. This will help to reduce the acidic content in your urine.

While wiping, women should wipe from the front to the back. This helps to avoid any bacteria from the stool from entering the tract.

In case you are suing a public toilet always clean the seat with a tissue before sitting. Else often the germs get transferred from the seats into the urinary tract. Also for similar reasons, in hotels etc it is better to use showers than sitting in a bath tub.

Vitamin C
Supplement your diet with a lot of Vitamin C. consumption of vitamin C increases the urine’s acidity and thereby helps in killing the bacteria.

You could also have herbs like parsley, marshmallow, dandelion leaves etc. They are known to not only reduce the inflammation but they also soothe the infected area.

The leaves, seeds and flowers of the nasturtium plant contain naturally occurring antibiotics that also helps to cure UTIs.

The root of the horseradish, with it antibiotic properties, is also a good cure.

Just keep in mind that the moment the UTI is cured don’t discontinue the remedy. Often an infection continues to be there. So get a urine test done before you decide to stop any of the remedies.

Also as last word of caution; when you are suffering from an UTI, just in case  if you notice any blood, then please go to a doctor and do not try and cure yourself naturally.

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