Home Remedies to Increase Blood Platelets Count

A complete list of homeopathic medicines and natural home remedies including foods and fruits to increase blood platelets count.

What are Blood Platelets?

Thrombocytes or Platelets are tiny blood cells and their function is to perform blood clotting in case of any accidental or other injuries. Blood platelets are made from bone marrow and playing a vital role in immune system. The normal range of blood platelets count in male and female is 150000 to 300000.

Causes of Low Blood Platelets Count:

1-     Aplastic anemia

2-     Dengue Fever

3-     HIV Aids

4-     Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP

5-     Gaucher’s disease

6-     Hemophilia

7-     Blood Cancer

8-     Von Willebrand disease

9-     Vitamin K deficiency

10-  Excessive use of Aspirin

Natural Remedies to increase blood platelets count:

1- Fresh juice of Carica Papaya Leaves: 1to 2 spoons early in the morning until reach the normal range.

2- Water Melon juice.

3- Half spoon Turmeric powder in milk one or two times a day.

4- Few drops of Lemon in one glass fresh apple juice rapidly increase the platelets count.

Homeopathic Medicines to increase platelets count:

1-     Crotalus Horridus: Bleeding from mouth, ear, rectum, bloody urine

2-     Lachesis: Same as Crotalus with dry skin and lack of sweat

3-     Secale cornutum: Bleeding tongue

4-     Sulphuric acid: Got a dark bluish bruise on minor stroke

5-     Arnica Montana: Similar to Sulphuric acid with pain in bones

6-     Phosphorus: Fear of death, a lot of blood from minor injuries.

Note: Dark bluish, black, brown, red bruises on skin are common symptom in all above remedies.

Things to strictly avoid in low blood platelets count:

1-     Aspirin and all anti clotting drugs.

2-     Red chili

3-     All kind of artificial drinks and fizzy juices

4-     Stored foods.

5-     Red meat.

Special Note: This is a very important article on boosting blood platelets count; this is well researched and very important effort to save lives for the people who are suffering from low platelets count, kindly promote this information as mush as you can, your sincere efforts may save someone’s life.

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