Home Remedy for Sinus Infection

This is the remedy I have used for my sinus infections, which I get about four times a year. I started trying different things a couple of years ago and this one has really worked. There is no point in me paying a doctor to prescribe a drug to me that will do the same thing my own remedy does.

I haven’t been to an actual medical doctor in almost two years. I used to run to one every time I had an ear infection or sinus infection, which both happen quite often for me. But over the past couple of years I have used home remedies. These are not recommended by any doctors I have ever seen and therefore this is not to be considered as medical advice. Just consider it as a method that works really well for me and might work for you. I am no doctor or scientist, I am just a guy who gets a lot of sinus infections and had to find a cheaper way to get better.

Back in December of 2010 was when I last had a sinus infection. I knew it was coming due to the symptoms which I experience at least four times a year. But instead of going to a doctor, which everyone advised, I just used the same method that has been working for me for almost two years now. My method is very simple. So here is my home remedy for sinus infections.

All I use is rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Some people prefer using a wad of toilet tissue instead of a q-tip, but really either one works. First I take a q-tip and put some rubbing alcohol on it. I then stick the q-tip in my ear, making sure not to go too far with it. I just circle the q-tip around my ear lobes. Something about it makes my ears open up and no longer feel stopped up. Some people also use peroxide instead of alcohol, but I have found that alcohol works best for me.

The second part of my method is just unstopping the second part affected by the infection. That is the nasal passage or the nose. I use the same procedure. Take a q-tip, put a dab of alcohol on each tip and then stick it in one nostril at a time. Do note that when doing this I do not put as much alcohol on the q-tip. The nose cannot take it as well as the ears can. I just circle it around the nostril and I almost immediately feel my nasal passage open right up. I usually will also put some in a cup with some water and set it in my room next to my bed before I sleep. When I wake up I feel much better.

Please note that it isn’t like an instant cure or anything. It usually takes a few days in a row of doing this twice a day for me to feel completely better. But then again usually it takes a few days in a row of taking medication prescribed by doctors to cure the sinus infection, so really there isn’t a huge difference. I used this method in December and within a few days I was feeling back to normal. I am not saying this method would work for everyone. I am not a doctor, so this method is not medical advise. I am just a guy who wanted to quit wasting so much money at the doctor’s office when I could get rid of the infection myself.

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