How Allergies Can Negatively Affect Your Libido?

It’s obvious that drippy nose don’t bring out the romance in you.

Sexual activity is governed in part through the action of sex pheromones, chemical substances people’s bodies give off in order to attract potential mates. In other words, if you can’t detect the subtle scents your partner is giving off, you might not feel much like having sex. If your nose is stopped up and you can’t sense the pheromones, experts say, that may rein in your amorous activity. Obviously, if you have a clogged nose, itchy eyes and sneeze episodes because of your allergy attack, you probably disregard romance and tend to find relief for your allergies. Here’s a clue: If you and your partner are in the heat of the moment and suddenly, your allergies pop out in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it romantic? Romantically, allergies may suck your sex life. Allergies are a let down motivator for your libido. It really sound so bad.

It may sound obvious that drippy nose don’t bring out the sex desire in people. But for the first time, a study has looked at the impact allergies have on our sex lives and found that many people with chronic allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, often put the kibosh on sex when symptoms are flaring. Exactly why the allergies affect sexual functioning isn’t certain, but runny nose, itchy eyes and other symptoms can make a person feel less than sexy. And now there’s evidence that allergies can put a big dent in your sex life. How big? In a study of 400 people with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), 83% said that allergies affected their sex lives at least occasionally. Seventeen percent said that allergies always or almost always had an effect of their sex lives. The study, published in the journal Allergy & Asthma Proceedings, found that 83% of allergic rhinitis sufferers polled said that their sexual activity was affected at least sometimes due to allergies. About 17% of patients surveyed said that allergies always or almost always had a negative impact on their love life. These results suggest that although not often addressed, allergies can curb romance in a patient’s life. This study didn’t evaluate the reasons why this was so but some possibilities were presented.

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