How Can I Help Myself Living with Lupus

Medically and holistically there are ways of dealing with Lupus, as with anything; sometimes it works, and unfortunately sometimes it does not!

How Can I Help Myself Living with Lupus

            Lupus is a very pain and degenerating disease, some believe it may be a virus, since it can go into remission and resurface again. There is a pattern of the flare-ups that a patient will experience when he or she have been in remission, most commonly is pregnancy and the ultra-violet ray from the sunshine. There are several symptoms and if your have most of them then it is likely that your suffering from lupus, at which time your primary doctor or health care provider will request a kidney biopsy to diagnose lupus-related nephritis.

            Some of the symptoms in addition to sun sensitivity, are abnormal cell in ones urine, a butterfly shape rash on ones cheek, mouth sores, a low level of white blood cells and other blood disorders. The presence of a specific antibody found in ones blood, is usually a tell tales sign, since more than fifty percent of those with lupus will have this condition.

            Now that we know what are some symptoms and how lupus behaves, what can you do to avoid frequent outbreaks and discomfort.

            Well, nutrients, herbs and recommendation are available, but always remember that these things affect each of us differently.  It is suggested to take calcium and magnesium, which will help the PH balance to protect your bones, from loss bone loss and arthritis. Lysine, taken on an empty stomach with water or juice, don’t take with milk, lysine combined with B6 and Vitamin C to help the body to absorption the Lysine.

Look into essential fatty acids, such as primrose oil and flaxseed oil, which helps to protect our skin, as well as providing then strength of the body’s entire cell. While Glucosamine helps to protect the joints and prevent lupus erythematosus, while taking garlic to help strengthen ones immune system along with goldenseal. Many of the vitamins are great for helping to keep the immune system, in a healthy working order, to help avoid future breakout. A good way to get an all around healthy dose of vitamins is to make sure you take a least a multivitamin daily; this fills the gaps of vitamins your not taking.

            There are several herbs that are very good for relieving and building up the immune system, such as alfalfa capsules, which is a mineral very helpful in relieving and healing the body’s cells. Goldenseal without alcohol is not only great for boosting the immune system but also helps with sores inside ones month, by applying a few drop to each sore. As with most herbs, check with your holistic doctor, especially when pregnant.

            Included is a list of other tremendously fantastic herbs for treating lupus, but your own research should be conducted and then disgusted with you health care provider. Most people who use herbs for healing do have a holistic healer, if you don’t have one; it is wise to seek one out, since they are very knowledgeable in this area.

            Here is a list of a few herbs for healing, building up your immune system while strengthening your cells: burdock root, feverfew, Pau D’Arco, red clover, and ginger. Licorice is also very good as a tea, but don’t over do it, since it can lead to high blood pressure.

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What many people do like is that Licorice Roots can do what steroids can do, without the harmful side affects, but like I said before, one must be careful of high blood pressure. Milk thistle as a tea, 2-3 daily helps to cleanse the liver, while papaya and yucca is very good for to help reduce the inflammation through out your body.

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  1. This was a very informative article, Elizabeth. Lupus is a horrible disease and thank you so much for sharing the tips on how to avoid flare ups.

  2. I know it is pretty common but not much else about. Thanks for the information. I hope you find a medication that works for you.

  3. Very informative and well written article!

  4. It does not sound very pleasent to live with so these tips should be very useful to sufferers. A very good article.

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  7. I don\’t want this on my facebook. I want my privacy thank you

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