How Can I Prevent a Cold?

Expert tips to colds, viruses and risk of infection.

The spring weather is still unsettled, and therefore inevitable colds now. Flu shouldnot be taken lightly. It is important to support the immune system to stifle any possible infections in the bud. On the subject of cold defense experts discussed a number of interested parties during the two-hour free telephone campaign. Hereyou will find important answers to your questions.

If a herbal cold helps to get clogged breathing passages open …….

Cold – symptoms, fever, Defense, medicinal plants …

The topic of colds, viruses and risk of infection was met with many readers of RECREATION Revue Revue strong interest and happiness. The experts phones with Dr. Dietrich Laue specialist, general practitioner from Hamburg, and the dispensary pharmacist El mar Campaign from Elusively ran hot, many people came, unfortunately, no longer on 23/02/2010. So here again summarized the key issues and answers the phone free action.

First Should I accept suppress fever in children or colds?
(By Gerda T., Nuremberg)

Expert Answer: fever helps the body to fight germs. But especially in children, the temperature rises often over 39 ° C. Treat the child with then cold compresses.Two paper towels dipped in cold water after the wring wrapped around the calves and also covered with dry cloths. After 10 minutes, a change is necessary.

Second Why does my defense motion system?
(Doris B., Bad Berle burg)

Expert Answer: Not only movement alone, but combining it with oxygen and light is particularly helpful in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Sports in the fresh cool air also improves blood circulation, increased oxygen consumption of cells and increased vitamin D synthesis in the skin. This brings the vital material into balance and thus the immune system. In addition, free radicals – aggressive oxygen molecules that damage cells – intercepted and destroyed. Another plus: Sport distributes stress and gloomy thoughts, the concentration of cortisol in the body decreases.

Third What natural herbs are particularly effective in the battle against cold viruses?
(Friederike H., Incapacitated)

Expert Answer: As a remedy for coughs, colds, sore throat, headache or body aches German pharmacists recommend a preparation of the North American Auditorium (eg Countryman, available without prescription in pharmacies). The ingredients of this medicinal plant not only stimulate the immune system to the massive body’s production of immune cells to suppress, but also, even after infection, the multiplication of viruses. In addition, harmful bacteria that later colonize the respiratory mucosa frequently and can cause severe infections can be successfully combated. Leading experts describe the Auditorium so called “herbal anti-infective agent.” According to studies, has shown that a reduction of Auditorium disease progression by 50 percent does (!) – Such a success in the fight against cold viruses has so far been observed in any other herbal remedy.

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