How Dangerous is Colitis?

Colitis or Ulcerative colitis can be very dangerous if not treated properly, especially since it means that there are sores in you intestine, and you need to be careful not to triggers diarrhea or cramping. You should see a doctor and be tested.

Simply put, you can literally loose a lot of weight and nearly starve to death, since the body is unable to hold on to food and nutrients. Since colitis is ulcerative colitis (UC) there is inflammation in ones bowels which the large intestines. When the stomach is given something that upsets it cause serve diarrhea and cramps.How Dangerous is Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis

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 It is very uncomfortable to live with and can be very embarrassing when you’re with other people. Whether this is hereditary or not is unknown I believe nerves, depression and a bad diet cause it. While it can be determined by answering questions, the best way would be to run some diagnostic test, including blood, and stool samples.

Managing colitis can be hard since it require a change of diet, finding food that trigger diarrhea, cramps and sudden attacks. There are medications that can help with the blotting and cramping, but always check with your physician as some over the counter medications can cause severe adverse reactions.

 For many people stress brings on attacks of colitis, why for others it spicy foods. The bottom line is if something triggers an attack, whether spicy, greasy foods, or stress, then stay away from it, others eat these foods and have not problem.

 The scary part of having any type of disease to the intestines, colon and rectum can lead to cancer, colorectal cancer but the risks are very low. Keeping doctors appointment and having frequent colonoscopy is the best way to avoid a serious situation.

It all comes down to eating right, avoiding the foods that trigger attacks, if you have any questions ask your doctor. Friends love to give advise, and if they suffer from ulcerative colitis it would be a great idea to discuss these suggestions with him, since what works for them, may only make matter worse for you.

Remember doctors have gone to school for this area of medicine, and while it is their area of expertise, they too make mistakes, but by far they have more knowledge.

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  1. i have 24 yrs old and i suffering mild UC .i want to know
    1) is UC is recover.
    2) i am not married ,if i getting marriage any problem occur.
    3) what diet i follow.
    4)how many years i live.

  2. I am 36 years old suffering with UC I want know abouth uc why it is occur.

    Is UC is recover.

    Tell me about diet.
    why it activate.

    why dipression is come .

  3. I am 29 year old and I am suffering from colitis but i don’t have any stool with blood, no weight loose. I have to feel my stomach growing. Not satisfied while toileting. I am suffering from back pain and has trouble also. May I confirm this is colitis?

  4. I am not a doctor, so talk to your primary. I only share my knowledge it is for the doctors and their test to give you the answers.

  5. Hi,
    I am suffering from colitis, now i am totally broken my health means at first my weight at 76Kg but now just 30 Kg and I visit CMC Vellor , Applo but my problem is not properly diagonies every afetr 10 days I am admited to hospital and put some water throug pin in my body (cealain) then i am OK but just for 10 days again face problem and I am many time to go toilate , latrin vomiting now i thing that i am going to death so please help me if any …………………….

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