How Garlic Benefits People with Hiv/aids

Garlic is good for boosting the immune system, which helps people with HIV/AIDS.

When a person is infected with HIV, eventually the immune system becomes so low that they develop AIDS and become subject to many opportunistic infections. Some of these are pneumonia, herpes, tuberculosis, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, and menengitis, among many others. Even when the patient is taking anti-retrovirals, the HIV can mutate and can sometimes become drug resistant. However, garlic has shown great steps in research toward slowing virus proliferation as well as improving immune function. Bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant to garlic the way they can with antibiotics and other meds. It also doesn’t kill the good bacteria in your intestines. Garlic has treated people with HIV/AIDS with much success. It helps prevent and helps treat the common infections associated with this syndrome, such as cryptococcus (a form of fungus that can cause meningo-encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients), pneumocystic (a type of pneumonia caused by fungus), and cryptosporidia (a parasitic disease that causes diarrhea). It may also stop the spread of the virus as well. More research is being done on this aspect. Garlic boosts the immune system naturally by activating 3 different types of our natural killer cells: Cytotoxic t-cells (attach to foreign bodies and pump poison into them), phagocytes (basically, they absorb invading germs), and lymphocytes (make antibodies specifically for the purpose of killing the targeted microbe). As always, talk to a doctor before taking large amounts of garlic and make sure that your doctor knows all of the medications you are currently using, as Garlic can have negative interactions with some meds.

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