How Infrared Heaters Can Cause Cancer and How to Prevent It

The thing about an infrared heater is that it is more concentrated light because it is built to generate enough heat to raise the temperature in a room.

Infrared heaters are a great addition to you house if you are trying to save on your energy costs. Most people know that they use a lot less energy than the conventional space heaters.   Some of the Infrared heaters out today can put out over 1000 watts of energy as heat which to some may bring concern to infrared heater health risks.  Most infrared heaters concentrate their heat in a certain direction.  This gives the infrared heater to burn over time, and this can pose a problem to those who fall asleep with it aimed at them.

In the simplest statement, it is not proven that infrared heaters can cause any malignant cancer. (Wikipedia)  However, the burns that it is capable of making on your skin can cause a very nonmalignant form of cancer known as basal-cell carcinoma.  This form of cancer usually disappears when you have healed from the burn on your skin.

However, the nonmalignant cancer from infrared heaters can pose a health risk if it is an ongoing thing.  Most nonmalignant cancers have the ability to progress to a life threating cancer if it is sustained long enough, such as the nonmalignant cancerous spots usually appear in the lining of the intestine.

The good thing about this is that you would have to go out of your way to indirectly develop a malignant cancer from any type of infrared heater you can obtain.  The true of the matter is that you will probably die from blood loss or infection before you die of cancer from an infrared heater.


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