How Long a Person May Not Take a Bath?

Bathing should be an activity that must be done everyday to cleanse the body, but some people are lazy to take a bath. How long does the body tolerate those who do not take a bath?

How Long a Person May Not Take a Bath?

Things that come to mind when someone does not take a bath are dirty, smelly and kept away from the social environment such as family members or friends. To take a bath is one of the activities needed to clean the impurities in the body.
There are several reasons why people rarely take a bath such as the amount of water available (which is not sufficient) like usually happen in the desert, the availability of facilities for bathing, especially in areas with limited access to health facilities, jobs that drain time, a bad habit and cold winter where people tend to
lazy to take a bath.
How long a person may not take a bath is a relative condition, depending on the activity and also the condition of his/ her health. But most people can survive for 5-7 days without bathing, although the time may be less or last longer than the period.

This is because if someone does not take a shower too long, the dirt on the skin will be thicker and inhibit perspiration and also allows bacteria and microorganisms multiply in the skin.

Ideally if someone has a sticky and itchy feeling in their body skin, it can be a sign that it is time for them to take a bath. If this is ignored, it can lead to skin diseases like scabies or itching which causes rashes on the skin.

However, this condition may be more severe than just itches, moreover if microorganisms called staphylococcus attack our body. It can be fatal, especially if these microorganisms reach the bloodstream. Although this is very rare.

So even though the body can accept the condition if people do not bathe,  do not take a bath for a long time can cause harm to the health of his/ her body. Instead there are some benefits if we are diligent to take a bath. Especially if you have body odor problems, and it is even advised to wash frequently.

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  1. nice share

  2. You are right especially when one is active and lives in a place where it is warm or hot. I think some men can last 5-7 days without taking a bath though. :)

  3. It’s better to take a bath everyday.

  4. Nice Share.


  5. better if you do it twice a day.

  6. A unique share.

  7. I guess it depends on where you live.

  8. ^^ True.

  9. I think it is good to take bath everyday.

  10. Nice share

  11. agree, we must take bath daily, for me, at least twice a day, even how late I come home, or even if the weather is cold (which is rare), though at times the bath may not be thorough, just rinse the body only, to cool the body.
    Talk to you again, going for a shower now, otherwise no energy to read more posts.

  12. Ideally, one should take bath every day. It sounds not hygience if one does not take at least one bath a day.

  13. I can’t imagine not bathing daily. I like to feel really clean. An interesting post.


  14. good question and a perfect answer. I definitely agrees with your points. Very nice share.

  15. good share –

  16. some folks do not consider that there might be a health concern to not bathing.

  17. I can see why people who have very little water couldn’t bathe. Everyone isn’t as lucky as we are.

  18. Some people aren’t lucky enough to bathe when they choose.

  19. I can’t live without a daily shower .I guess I’m the lucky ones:)

  20. haven’t taken a bath for 3 days and now I am rushing to have one

  21. Interesting topic. I find bathing not only can cleanse my body, but also refreshing.

  22. nice article

  23. It just depends on the person’s habits; some people bathe once a day and some people bathe twice a day. I like twice a day, myself.

  24. In summer, we take bath for two or three times daily in our country due to sweating. But in normal conditions, I think it is better to take bath at least once daily.

  25. Unless one is in prison, there is no excuse not to take a bath!

  26. The only reason I won’t take a shower is if I am sick to sick to have one. Otherwise, it’s a daily thing for me. In the summer months, even twice or thrice a day :-)

  27. uh oh….typo error…. *if I am too sick* is what I meant up there. sorry. my hands are faster than my thoughts LOL!

  28. I take a bath everyday unless i’m sick. I can’t stand not to take a bath especially during summer when I even take a shower before going to sleep. It makes me feel fresh and cool.

  29. I am glad I bath daily !

  30. remarkable post. thanks for share. ya that’s good i take bath daily :)

  31. There is nothing more offensive to the nose than a person with body odor. I do not know why some people choose to be dirty.

  32. Not having a bath…oh no…can’t even imagine. I can’t be without taking bath daily.

  33. nice one..u take bath?

  34. thanks for sharing! :)

  35. After reading this I am going to have bath…LOL…:-)

  36. Taking a bath is difficult in winter, you need a will power.But I feel unwell if I do not take one.

  37. I shower more than bathe as it’s quicker to get ready in the mornings. But I love a good long soak in the bath at weekend

  38. Pretty good.

  39. In a hot climate, it’s necessary to bathe more often.

  40. i like it..

  41. good 1

  42. good share

  43. 5-7 days seems a long time :) A well written article Eunice with good advice.

  44. as often as needed, but be sure to moisturize

  45. Great information! If you postpone taking a bath for an extended period, you may get too accustomed to how you smell that you don’t even know other people are wrinkling their nose when you’re around. Regular baths is a good thing especially if you sweat a lot, use too much spice in your food and smoke a lot.

  46. Thanks for the article very informative.

  47. I take shower everyday, a very well shared article,Thank you :)

  48. have to say – your title got me curious to read this! :D great article :)

  49. Interesting.However,I would prefer taking a bath on regular basis.Luckilly,there is water for most of us.

  50. I bath at least once a day, sometimes two, not to mention I shower once a day also. I\’ll soak in that tub with the water constantly going, because it\’s the sound of taking a bath is what I like!

  51. I bath at least once a day, sometimes two, not to mention I shower once a day also. I\\\’ll soak in that tub with the water constantly going, because it\\\’s the sound of taking a bath is what I like!

  52. i know a girl that went a whole month without bathing! she would only take a wet soapy rag and wipe her vagina off with it. she woulnt even do that every day though!

  53. This is a really good article. I have an uncle that I live with who doesn’t take baths. And not like “oh… it’s just a couple days…”.NO. Right now it is April 15th, and I don’t remember him taking a bath since January. Not taking a bath hurts you, but it also hurts the people that you live with. I, for one, know that my uncle is…sexually active with his hands, and he is always smelling like it( I hear it). Then he goes to the kitchen, without washing his hands, touching all the food, eating up everything. Usually, he is the first to eat so after he gets his food, My 6 year old cousin has to get his food. So now, my cousin is eating bacteria covered food. I don’t eat at home anymore. So please, it’s not that hard to take a bath. the only reason that you don’t have to take a bath is if you don’t have any water. In my situation, we have plenty of water, because I take 3 showers a day, and my disgusting uncle can’t even take a path per week. Thank you for reading.

  54. It is very important to take a bath at least daily, You feel fresh and free from bacteria which may cause infection. Either you are lazy or sick.

  55. lol I once didn’t take a shower (except for washing my hair) for 2 months and I didn’t get sick nor did anyone ever seem to mind my stench, in fact many people said I smelled good. I’m 14 whent through puberty, have an average active daily life, and live in northern Michigan. I have a clean bill of health. Am I special?

  56. I cannot imagine not having a daily bath or shower…ugh!

  57. What a bunch of bull! “Survive” about 5 days without bathing, like if they go longer they’ll drop dead? Get real! I usually go about 2 months without bathing and nothing has ever happened to me. My mom goes longer than that and nothing has ever happened to her.

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