How Much Sleep Do You Need to Function Properly?

How much sleep do you need to function properly? Do you need five, six, seven, eight or more hours of sleep? We are all different, so how do you determine how much sleep you need to function properly?

How much sleep do you need to function properly? Do you need five, six, seven, eight or more hours of sleep? We are all different, so how do you determine how much sleep you need to function properly?

Does it make sense that we all need the same amount of sleep? Wouldn’t our state of health, the activity that we perform each day, the nutrition we take in, the quality of our sleep, our emotional state and so on, all be important factors to how much sleep we really need?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you are getting enough sleep or if you need more sleep.

Do I need an alarm clock to wake me up? If I didn’t use an alarm clock, what time would I get up? Does it make sense that we force ourselves to wake up? If we are not waking up naturally, doesn’t that tell us that we should continue sleeping till the body has had enough and we are ready and willing to get up?

Do I need artificial stimulants like coffee to get me going and do I need caffeinated sodas or sugar to keep awake all day? Can I function by being alert all day or do I get sleepy? If we get sleepy or are groggy during the day, wouldn’t that tell us that we need more sleep?

It does make sense to go to bed at a sensible hour, let’s say like 10 PM or so. Then sleep as long as we need and get up when we are ready.

Since each day is different and our state of well-being is also different each day, then each day might also be different as to how much sleep we need.

So let your state of health and well-being be the determining factor as to how much sleep you need each day to function properly and optimally!

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  1. I love to sleep and always feel better after a good night sleep.

  2. I think I probably need 8 hours but only tend to get 5 or 6 thanks to my pesky kids!

  3. Nice share see you around

  4. Since I am retired, I more or less go to bed when I want to and get up when I want to; but I get up early because I am an online writer. How much sleep I need never stays the same.

  5. A nice entry, thanks for sharing

  6. I love alarm clocks – when they are quiet.. :D

  7. If I can get 4 – 5 hrs of solid sleep I am golden. That is rare though. I am a terrible sleeper, always have been.
    My parents and all of my siblings except one need a full nights sleep whereas, like my Gran, one of my brothers and I only need a few hrs a night.

  8. Thanks for sharing

  9. It depends on my moods. However when I can sleep properly I would say that 6/7 hours is my ideal pattern. Thanks for the article.

  10. Tough one…and can vary from 2 hours to 8. As stated it all depends on what factors have shaped my day. If I get 6 hours I seem to function better.

  11. I go to sleep at night and can only sleep four hours. But in the day I can sleep all day. But then I am on A LOT of anxiety medication that makes me sleepy.

  12. I forgot to tell you, great piece of writing.

  13. Good post. Just read a medical journal article that states sleep should be between 6 – 8 hours. They gave reasons for why too little and too much sleep is unhealthy.

  14. I work well on around 5 hrs a night of deep uninterupted sleep everyone is different. I liked this article it makes you think well done. LB

  15. Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving a comment. Thanks to everyone that actually read the article and said something.

  16. Sleep is very importang. Very interesting discussion. Thanks for posting.

  17. Lovely- Nice share, thanks see you around

  18. Im not sure how much i need but i am sure that it is something that i hate to give up! ^_^

  19. Thanks friends for visiting!

  20. Well, I need anywhere between 2-10 hours a day. Most days, I wake up at least once an hour during the night. Lenght of my sleep varies a lot from day to day. Some days I do not even sleep at all for up to 48 hours. I just cannot fall asleep thus have to do other things. Though, most of the time, some 6 hours are optimum …

  21. I love sleeping and a good reminder, thanks.

  22. I want more sleep but right now I have to sacrifice some of it to achieve what I want.

  23. I wish you all enough sleep to do what you need to do.

  24. Thanks for sharing..

  25. Thanks for sharing…

  26. Thanks for visiting Geny!

  27. I always love reading your work.

  28. Usually I need eight hours. If I didn’t dream, six hours is still OK.

  29. thanks nice info

  30. Thanks friends for your comments!

  31. Interesting post, i like it

  32. If I don’t use an alarm clock, I will always be late for work :-) Sometimes, it’s good to stash away that clock LOL!

  33. I sleep for at least 6 hours. Nice share

  34. The “experts” say we all need eight hours. I do very well with six hours.

  35. Get the sleep you need. If you need a bit more, take it. If you don’t need as much, then fine. If you get up refreshed and ready to take the day without an alarm clock, then you are getting enough sleep. The best time to sleep is at night.The body is very wise and will tell you how much sleep you need. Enjoy!

  36. I need a good 8 myself but doing shift work, I don’t always get it.

  37. Soon we will have sunshine all night, Need to use several layers of curtains to shut out the light to be able to sleep. I wish we could save some of the light for winter.. :D

  38. @ PR Mace…With shift work, it is difficult to get into a good sleep routine. Once we make enough money on Triond, we’ll be able to sleep whenever we want.

  39. @ buenavida…:). Get a big glass jar and collect all the sunshine you can, then cover it, and let it out during the long winters. :)

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