How to Avoid Vertigo Attack

Stricken with vertigo can be a severe problem for anyone. Because, in addition to physically disrupt such as loss of balance, vertigo also often psychologically disturbing.

A person affected by vertigo usually often anxious. Understandably this disease comes without a knock on the door first alias suddenly without pemisi. Although only lightly attacked by vertigo, patients often had to stop activity and wait until the attack passed.

Examples of this mild vertigo, sudden head movements, like when I wake up. This mild vertigo can occur in a matter of seconds and then disappear.

In order not to interfere with the arrival of vertigo, the patient can avoid with some particular way. For example, try sleeping with your head a bit high. Then when getting up from bed, do not make a surprise move. It’s good, getting out of bed slowly and sit before standing.

You also have to be careful when moving the neck in a position to look up. So, if you take an item or object from a height, avoid tilting the head position.

In addition to keeping the motion, healthy lifestyle’ll certainly be the main requirement to avoid vertigo. If vertigo is a symptom of serious illness, then avoid the disease-causing culprit is the key to let me not get vertigo.

Overeating is also alleged to be one of the causes of various diseases. By overeating, then the food there is simply buried in the body so it does not come out through the energy.

“Avoid eating too many carbohydrates,” advises Suhanto Kasmali, Doctor Mediros General Hospital, East Jakarta. This accumulation of energy which can cause high cholesterol or high blood sugar.

In addition to keeping your intake of carbohydrates, healthy lifestyles by reducing food and beverages containing alcohol, caffeine, and greasy foods is obligatory because it can keep the body healthy.

Allergies can also be one of the triggers of vertigo. Allergies can lead to accumulation of fluid in the inner ear and symptoms similar to Meniere’s syndrome, aka the damage the inner ear resulting in hearing and balance. So, avoid foods that can stimulate the allergy be one way to avoid vertigo attacks.

So you should not eat foods that stimulate excessive allergies such as seafood, if you do not want to vertigo attack.

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