How to be More Awake in The Morning

If your always tired in the morning and never feel like getting up, your not alone. But don’t worry. There are plenty of methods to get you out of bed and ready to challenge the day!

Hands off the snooze button!

Don’t set your alarm earlier than you want to get up, just so u can hit snooze a couple of times. It might seem like it makes getting up easier, but the sleep you get after waking up in the morning is pretty much useless. Set your alarm to when you want to get up, so you get as much sleep as possible. Going back to sleep once you woke up, can actually make you even more tired.

Wake up at the same time every day

Doing this gets your body used to the routine. Yes, you usually sleep in on the weekend. But doing that actually does the opposite of what you hope. It drains your energy levels for the whole week. Choose a time to get up, which you sick to all seven days of the week. You might be dead tired when your alarm rings, but once you get up and moving, you’ll quickly wake up.

Rise with the sun

This is much more pleasant than waking up to your alarm clock – and also easier. In the evening, don’t close all curtains 100%. Leave a small gap, or get curtains that let through light. In the morning, the sun will start shining into your room, slowly waking you up.

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

Right when you wake up, drink a glass of cool water. During your sleep, you loose water. Drinking water helps raise your energy levels and wakes you up. It also boosts your metabolism.

Make sure you eat a protein-rich breakfast

This will make you feel full and give you enough energy till lunch. Good exmples would be yoghurt, milk, eggs or smoothies. Anything else, like pancakes, will make you feel sluggish and tired as your body has to break them down.

Work out in the early morning

This might require you to set your alarm earlier than usual, but you won’t regret it. Once you get up and moving, as well as after the workout, you’ll feel ready and alert to tackle the day’s challenges. Also, if you get your workout out of the way in the morning, you avoid the possibility of skipping it later.

Wake up to your favorite tunes

Waking up to music is another much more pleasant method than to the classic alarm clock. Music will energise you and make you want to get up and go. It also helps to motivate you to work out. A combination of waking up with the sun and to music can also make huge improvements to your mood.

Feel free to share any other methods you use to get yourself up and going. I’d love to hear from you :D

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