How to be So Active at Office and on Day-to-day Life

People fail to work efficiently at office. There are many reasons for their inefficiency, which are as follows:

· Lack of sleep at night

· Not taking right food

· Avoiding exercise

It’s our duty to take care our physique and mind to keep fresh throughout the day.

To work efficiently and energetically you may please adopt the following tips on your daily activities.

 Good sleep

If you didn’t sleep at night upto 7 hours then it is a problem to concentrate on your official work. So, go to bed at early. Sleep is meant to refresh our body and mind.  Good sleep makes feeling refreshed, alert and ready to face daily challenges. Sound sleep helps you to fit for the whole day. Sleep is nothing but glucose to our body and mind.

To know how to get better and sound sleep, please click the below link


Daily morning walk makes you smart as it gives energy, youthfulness, and stays healthy. So you can work efficiently in your office. When you are in office, just get up from your chair and have a small walk to get relax.

Sitting in one place for a longer time will cause you dull and tired.

 Drink water

Take a glass of water 15 minutes before eating if you feel hungry. Try to take a sip of water between every few bites that will help you to feel full faster. Consuming more water will help you to have good digestion, and keeps you young and ageless person

 So, drink minimum eight glasses of water every day.

 To know the importance of drinking water, please click the below link


Try to have sunlight on your body at early morning and at evening, because sunlight prevent from aging. So to be young take a walk at morning an evening under sun.


 To start your day as a good day, you must have healthy food. Do not skip your break fast as it will bring many consequences for your health hazardous.

 There is a saying goes “Take breakfast like a lion”.  Your breakfast should contain all essential nutrients, vitamins etc., Breakfast: This is as essential as it helps the mind and body to get strength. You will be looking tired and your mind will not cope up the daily and regular activities if you skip breakfast.

So, Don’t Skip ‘Breakfast’

To know how to have better breakfast, please click the below link


Lunch: Have to have lunch at right time, as lunch helps you to work with full of energy. Add more and more vegetables in lunch.  Fruits are good for health. After lunch make a habit of eating fruits.

So, Take Lunch at Right Time

 Speak Well

Do not get involved in politics. Do not gossip. Do not speak ill about others. You should be master to your words. So, talk good and act well. Avoid loose talk, which will make you to suffer. Keep good working relationships across departments.

Stay away

Drive away evils such as laziness, anger, pride, envy, selfishness, greet, loose talk, back bite and falsehood

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