How to Boost Your Immune System Fast?

If you want to live a diseases free life, then you need to have a good immune system that could protect you from diseases. If your immune system is a bit weak, here are a few tips that could help you to boost your immune system quickly. Please continue reading……..

Why do we get weak immune system? When we get WBC (white blood cells) count reduced, our immune system becomes weak. Chemical toxins can also make your immune system weaker. When your immune system is weaker you are prone to get diseases. It is very important to boost your immune system to live a healthy life.

Garlic: Garlic has the properties to boost your immune system quickly. You can take garlic either raw or cooked. The benefits of garlic are more if you take it raw. However you need to crush it to very tiny pieces and take them along with your food. You should not eat raw garlic alone. The Chinese and the Indians know the value of garlic very well and have been using it for thousands of years. Garlic can also help to cut down your bad cholesterol levels.

Fruits: Vitamin C is what you need to boost your immune system. Orange, lemon, guava and amla are rich in vitamin C. You can also take carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and strawberries to boost the immune system. Omega3 fatty acids can also be helpful.

Habits: You can drink plenty of water. You can take more of fruits and vegetables. You should have regular  physical exercises to maintain good immune system. Walking for about one hour daily can definitely be useful. You should try to live a stress free life as far as possible. You should avoid smoking and excess drinking.

Sleep: You should sleep enough daily to keep your immune system good. If you sleep less, it can affect your immune system. Therefore see that you have adequate sound sleep every day.

Summary: Maintain good eating habits. Take garlic everyday. Do some physical exercises daily. Walking is very good. Avoid smoking and excess drinking. Have enough sleep. Try your best to live without stress.Thanks for reading.

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  1. good article well written

  2. These are all so easy to do, but we avoid doing them. How much healthier we would all be if we followed your advice. A very good post.


  3. CHIPMUNK |, thanks for your response.

  4. Hi, Christine Ramsay, these are simple tips. thanks for your response.

  5. A nice share buddy

  6. Thanks very much nice share

  7. hi, webseowriters, thanks for your response.

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  9. informative share

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  11. People often underestimate the power of sleep for physical and mental strength and well being. Great share.Thanks!

  12. Thanks for your useful info.

  13. yes, LeoKapakos people sometimes don’t realize the importance of sleep, thanks.

  14. hi, CHAN LEE PENG thanks for your comment.

  15. Great points to take note of to live a healthier life.

  16. thanks Sharif Ishnin for your response.

  17. First, thank you vijayanths for adding me. I look forward to sharing our work.
    I have a very week immune system but I believe it is genetic as I have always had it. I have 3 illnesses that have altered my life in a big way.
    I love to eat healthy, though don’t always and exercise is very difficult for me to do.
    Great advice here. Hopefully it will help others to live healhty.
    All the best,

  18. hi, Nina Mason, that is my pleasure to add you as my friend.Sorry to note you have a weak immune system. I think Garlic can help you a lot.(If you have ulcers, take the advice of your doctor before taking garlic), thanks.

  19. useful article…….thanks

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