How to Control Foot Odor

Are you experiencing a problem with foot odor? During the warm summer months, foot bacteria can breed and produce a variety of unpleasant by-products. Here’s what to do to control foot odor this summer.

Does the odor of your feet leave something to be desired? Foot odor is quite common particularly during the summer months when your feet sweat more and retain more moisture. Bacteria are naturally attracted by the moisture found on your perspiring feet and can breed in large numbers producing some by products with rather unpleasant odors. Here’s how to control foot odor.

Wash Your Feet Thoroughly on a Daily Basis

Visit your local drugstore and select an antibacterial soap to use in your daily foot washings. While you’re there, pick up an exfoliating pad designed to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Select a specific time each day to soak your feet for ten minutes in warm water. Follow up by washing your feet thoroughly using a washcloth and antibacterial soap. After washing, use your exfoliating pad to rub the surface of the skin on your feet to remove dead skin cells which can harbor bacteria. Be sure to scrub between your toes, an area where bacteria love to congregate. Anytime you wash away bacteria, you help to control foot odor.

Dry Your Feet Carefully

After washing and exfoliating, rub your feet with a soft, 100% cotton towel to remove moisture. Excessive moisture can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria which produce a variety of unpleasant odors.

Apply a Spray-On Foot Deodorant

Most drugstores carry a small selection of spray-on foot deodorants that provide protection against foot odor. Look for one that has a powder base. The powder component will help to eliminate moisture from the surface of your feet, further discouraging the growth of bacteria.

Wear the Right Socks

If you’re prone to foot odor, only wear 100% cotton socks. Cotton allows your skin to breathe which helps to reduce moisture that can breed bacteria. Cotton socks may also help to reduce the incidence of foot fungus and they tend to feel more comfortable during the long summer months.

Choose the Right Shoes

If you’re prone to foot odor, part of the problem may lie in your selection of shoes. Shoes that fit tightly promote foot odor. Try wearing looser shoes and sandals when you have the opportunity. Never wear exercise shoes without cotton exercise socks and avoid wearing boots.

Consider Adding Shoe Inserts

Your local drugstore probably has a selection of shoe inserts that help to control foot odor. Many of these inserts contain activated charcoal which helps to absorb unpleasant foot odors.

Try Some Home Remedies

Some home remedies for foot odor that have been shown to work for some people including soaking the feet in cold, freshly brewed tea for twenty minutes each day and coating your shoes with baking soda. If baking absorbs odors in your refrigerator, it can do the same for your feet. It’s a multipurpose product!’

By taking a few simple steps, you can control foot odor and feel good about taking off your shoes again.

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