How to Cure Neck Pain

In this article, I am writing some tips with which you can cure your neck pain.

Neck pain is a condition which tends to hurt a lot and makes it difficult for people to work or study. In this article, I am writing some tips with which you can cure your neck pain.

Keep your neck straight

First and foremost in my advice on getting rid of neck is to keep your neck straight and don’t look down or crane your neck too much. If you are reading, keep the book to your eye level. If you are working on a computer, make sure that the screen is level with your eyes and that you don’t have to move your head down to read it.

Neck Exercises

There are some simple neck exercises that can relieve your neck pain in a small amount of time.

Horizontal Movement: Move your head from right to left and then from left to right. Do this about five to ten times.

Vertical Movement: Move your head up as far as you can (until you can see the ceiling) and then down as far as you can (until your chin touches your collarbone). Repeat this five to ten times. Your neck will be stretched and relaxed.

Circular Movement: Move your head in a circle (360 degree) first in the clockwise direction five times and then in the anticlockwise direction five times. Your neck muscles will feel relaxed.

Invisible Pull: I have described this exercise in my article “How to Improve Eyesight Naturally” ( and I will explain it in this article as well.

This is an exercise that helps relieve the tension in your neck veins. Close your eyes and feel that an invisible hook/force is attached to the back of your neck by the wall behind you and another hook/force is attached on the top of your head from the ceiling above. Move your head from one side to the other. Move your head this way about ten times. You will definitely feel great after doing this exercise. It will eliminate your neck pains and ultimately reduce the stress on your eyes.

Support your Neck

If you can have a chair that has headrest, use it in your office or while studying. When you are sitting in your car, rest your head against the headrest in order to rest your neck. This way, your neck does not have to bear the full weight of your head all the time and gets some relief.

Keep a Straight Pillow

Use a pillow that does not elevate your head too much. Personally, I always develop pain in my neck when I use a puffed-up pillow. So try to use a flat one or one with which your neck and head remain in the same line with each other or horizontal.

Take a Break

If you keep on staring at the computer screen or your television screen for too long, you will develop a stiff neck. Take a break after every two hours or so and stop looking at the screen, stretch a little or go and walk around the office and relax your neck.

Avoid Stress

Stress can have a bad effect on your overall health and especially on your neck. When I am very stressed out, I develop a headache that travels from my left temple to the left side of my neck. It is not migraine but it is very painful nevertheless. So avoid stress or any kind of worry. See my article on “How to Deal with Stress”.

I wish you a happy life free from neck pain!

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