How to Cure Your Sore Eyes or Conjunctivitis

Are you suffering from sore eyes with extreme redness and irritation? Don’t worry, here are proven ways on how to get rid of your problem.

Sore eyes, also known as “pink eye” or conjunctivitis, is an extremely uncomfortable and contagious condition of the eye. It causes irritation, redness, and fluid discharge for the person experiencing it. Although conjunctivitis is rarely serious, it can be very difficult for someone to experience it. Sometimes, the eye irritation can last 1 to 2 weeks, preventing the sufferer to go to work or school.

The symptoms of sore eyes or conjunctivitis can be easily observed. It often starts with extreme itching that lasts for many minutes (and even hours). The sufferer may feel as if the insides of the eyes have sand. At the onset of the infection, the blood vessels in the eye may start to expand, making the redness easily perceptible and obvious to nearby onlookers. The redness of the eye is actually caused by the expanding of the blood vessels beneath the conjunctiva.

But perhaps one of the most uncomfortable effects of sore eyes happens in the morning. Upon waking up, the sufferer may not be able to open his or her eyes easily due to a thick, sticky fluid discharge which surrounds the eyelids and tear glands. This in fact, is an attempt of the body to protect the eyes from further invasion of bacteria or virus. The fluid discharge is actually a good thing, but it causes a lot of discomfort.

Here are some ways to cure conjunctivitis:

Keep Your Eye Clean

Conjunctivitis normally heals by itself. However, to prevent further irritation and possible eye damage, you need to take precautions. Upon waking up in the morning, clean your eyes from any fluid discharge. Get a clean piece of cloth, moisten it with warm water or saline solution (avoid tap water) , then gently cleanse your eyelids from dirt or excess fluid. Do this every four hours to maintain the cleanliness around the surface of your eyes.

Use Doctor Prescribed Eyedrops

Avoid experimenting with various over-the-counter eyedrops. Get the doctor’s opinion first so he could find out if your sore eyes originates from bacterial or viral causes. Very often, the cause is bacterial. In those cases, the doctor will prescribe antibacterial eyedrops or ointment for you to apply to your eyes three or four times per day. Vasoconstrictors, such as tetrahydrozoline eyedrops, may also be used to improve the appearance of the eyes and minimize redness.

Try Breastmilk

Yes, you heard that right. To some people, this is a shocker. However, alternative medicine boasts of a powerful natural eyedrop that is known to heal sore eyes in many people. That natural eyedrop is mother’s milk. Many claim that breastmilk can heal bacterial conjunctivitis because it contains fresh white blood cells and other antibacterial agents. Conventional medicine does not fully recognize this sore eyes cure. However, if you you do want to try it, go find a lactating friend or relative the next time you have sore eyes. Have her put some breastmilk in a dropper. Apply adequate drops to your eyes during a four hour period, and you’ll see a major improvement in your condition.

NOTE: The information found in this article is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Visit your ophtalmologist for any concerns about your irritated eyes, especially if you experience extreme sensitivity to light, blurred vision, extreme pain, and corneal swelling.

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  1. Good post and informative share

  2. Gr8 share. Breastmilk for curing sore eyes is something I’ve heard of.

  3. yeah thanks for leaving your replies. glad you visited. :)

  4. My brother suffered (and still suffers) from conjunctivitis since 3 years now (off and on symptoms). When I was breastfeeding, I passed some breast-milk to him and got ameliorated. Actually, it was his oculist who suggested when the other treatments failed.

  5. My brother suffered from conjunctivitis since 3 years now, with on-and-off symptoms. His oculist asked to use breast-milk because of other treatments failure. That time I was breast-feeding, and helped him. He got ameliorated.

  6. yes,the best-breast milk

  7. great information. i didn’t know that breast milk can heal sore eyes.

  8. Breast milk is not just for babies but for eyes as well…

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