How to Do 100 Push Ups with Six Weeks of Training (100 Push Up Program Review)

A quick and easy guide to the 100 pushups program, which will train you to do 100 consecutive push ups after only six weeks (training three times a week).

At first you might think there you’re never gonna manage 100 consecutive push ups. But I believe you can! This program is really simple and consists of 3 parts.

First you do an initial test – get on the floor and do as many good quality push ups as you can. For some of you that would be 20-30, but for most people less than 10. The second part is the main part of the program, depending on your results from the initial test, you will follow a six week training program which only requires about 30 minutes of work a week – 3 times 10 minutes. Choose three specific days of the week to do your training, always leaving one day between each treining session (eg: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

In the end, theres the final test. Now you test yourself and see if you can manage 100 consecutive push ups. You see! Told you it’s easy!

I’ve tried this training program and am amazed by the results. I really recommend that you try it out. The link to get started is:

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